Free history Kindle books for 23 May 15

The Language of Flowers

by Golda Meir

Love, the most important, the most simple yet most complicated. Meir has a way with describing the greatest power of life….love, in a most simplistic way. We often hear about all kinds of Love but often fail to connect the dots and give our Creator the glory for why we love.

Children of the Holocaust – A Survivor’s Journey

by Jill Martin

The Germans and their collaborators killed as many as 1.5 million children, including over a million Jewish children and tens of thousands of Romani (Gypsy) children. No one was sparred during the great genocide – but a few lived to tell their tales. Go on a journey throughout history and discover the struggles, hardships, and incredible first-hand accounts of survival. We must never forget.

OV-10 Broncos of Colombia

by David Odenwald

Photo documentation of aviation in Colombia. Particular attention paid to FAC OV-10 Broncos. 15 pages. Large color photos with minimal text.

War Boy

by The Heritage eBook Collection

An eyewitness account of the Civil War. A true story of family, survival, love, and lost.

Is Graffiti Art?

by Jen Bowers

See a scribble or a full mural on the side of a building or subway and most people will turn their heads in disgust. Why? Because most have a misconception of what art is, the different types of art and its history. So the question here is how can one artist, one supporter or maybe a whole community change the perspective of the world about what graffiti is and how it all began.

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