Free literary fiction Kindle books for 23 May 15

Sophia and the Fisherman

by Fran Connor

When Sophia takes a vacation in SW France and falls in the harbour she’s rescued by a fisherman. He’s no ordinary fisherman and he has a secret that makes her think again about her values and future.


by Sean Dietrich

Lyla is infected with wanderlust, and she drives herself crazy because of it. She yearns for something that she cannot name, something that does not exist. Her life is told through the eyes of her son Quinn, who serves as the family’s keeper. Lyla remains as restless as a flea while her world keeps turning around her in a constant state of perpetual motion. She wants things she can’t have, and has things she doesn’t want.

Lyla is a touching story about the trials of growing up, about an extraordinary family that feels all too real. People with human spirits that charge forward, and courage that grows with time. It’s a world of life, loss, and oystermen.

The Liberation of Ravenna Morton

by Suzanne Jenkins

Ravenna Morton is an American Indian woman living a very old-fashioned life in a primitive cabin at the edge of the Kalamazoo River. Facing modern problems when her lifelong romance with a Greek artist is closely examined by their children after a child she gave up for adoption dies, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton captures the small-town dynamic of a family’s private secrets being exposed to the world. A poignant look at the melding of two Americanized cultures observed under a microscope.

Week of Grace

by Chris O.

In East Baltimore, it’s the final week of the year. Six lives are spinning out of control.

You’re invited to watch.

A Doctor of Sorts

by Roman Dee Hellwigi

On the dirty streets of middle England, a brutal attack on an ignorant girl is stopped by the fearless touch of a plague doctor’s waxy glove.  When the girl curiously seeks to learn the methods of his survival, it sets a plan into motion.  A deceptive plan that leads her towards a fortuitous future.  But only if she’s willing to intertwine with the sordid past…

A lavish tale of brutal honesty and daring deceits.  Where great intimacies are laced with secrets, lies forge true friendships, and forgiveness comes from a sincere desire to understand.  It’s a story of perseverance and perspective, and how most things in life -big or small- are simply a matter of what we’re willing to accept in ourselves and in others.

Stop to Think

by Roman Dee Hellwigi

Just some sage old-timey dating advice from a girl pretending to be a guy.
It’s honest & blunt, so prepare to be frowny-faced.  But, you never know, it might be right up your alley.

Unless your alley is a big box of sugar cookies.  If you’re looking for a box of sugar cookies then these aren’t the 5k words you should be swallowing…or maybe it’s exactly what you should be swallowing.

Afterall, suggestion isn’t action.  Ideas are harmless.  Thoughts aren’t physical.
Until it all starts making a lot of sense.

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