Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 23 May 15

Her Two Alphas (BBW Werewolf Shifter Menage) (Mystic Harbor Book 2)

by Scarlett Grove

Curvy Lucy Zimmer is having trouble at the office. Her boss can’t seem to keep his hands off. Confused and frightened, Lucy decides to take a day trip to the coast to clear her head. While hiking an unfamiliar trail, she gets lost. Just when she thinks she’ll be eaten by wolves, two gorgeous men walk out from between the trees.

Caleb and Elijah Gray take Lucy to their log house. They both desire the curvy girl, but the truth could send Lucy running. Will Lucy give in her overwhelming desire, or will Caleb and Elijah’s secrets ruin their chances at love forever?

Cliffs of Laguna Beach (Ryan-Hunter Series Book 1)

by Karen Donahue

Cliffs of Laguna Beach

When Criminology Professor Marin Ryan docks her new boat in the Blue Water Marina, she catches sight of cyber-security guru John Hunter on his yacht in the next slip over. It had been a long time since she had last seen her college lover, but feelings rekindled at that moment.

The Blue Water Marina proves to be a haven for other interesting characters, brought together by their mutual love of the sea and the boaters’ lifestyle. Like old friends, they seem to make themselves at home with the reader, they snuggle up on the couch and move in for the evening. A few slips down is the lovable movie star Raphael Montoya with his old fishing boat that reminds him of his humbler beginnings. A young plastic surgeon, Mitch Taylor docked across from Marin, has a secret life of his own and disappears regularly. And, let’s not forget Bailey, the beagle.

The next morning, Marin finds the body of a woman in the water and discovers that the psychologist was a beloved member of E-Dock. Homicide Investigator Cameron West is assigned the case with her powerhouse team. Marin, the former FBI agent, and John, the computer expert, are drawn into the case.

The victim had a covert life of a psychological profiler. The revelation leads the investigation that is fraught with turns and twists along the way until John’s computer hacking uncovers the thread that breaks the case open in an entirely different direction–one that puts Marin, John, and Cameron in peril–they know too much.

TEMPLE OF THE GRAIL (Rosicrucian Quartet Book 1)

by Adriana Koulias

This Best Seller translated into four languages is a smouldering, menacingly delightful whodunnit for history buffs and lovers of the genre.

Heresy, Hypocrisy, Murder…

France, 1254

High on a mountain in the Pyrenees, the monastery of St Lazarus is a forbidding place. Behind its ramparts and battlements heretical acts are said to take place and there is the rumour of a secret – a secret so dangerous that its keepers will kill to keep it hidden.

At the end of a bitter winter, a delegation headed by the ambitious Inquisitor Rainiero Sacconi arrives to investigate the monastery. Andre, a Knight of the Templar Order, and his young scribe, Christian de St Armand, are accompanying the inquiry. When monks begin to die in macabre circumstances they are drawn into solving the hideous crimes but if they stumble upon the secret of St Lazarus it will turn into a fight, not only for their lives, but also for their souls.

‘This is historical fiction at its gripping best.’ Courier Mail.

‘Not only did I find this book tantalising, engaging and thought provoking – it allowed me the rare indulgence of reading something I was not going to rush through, finish and quickly move onto something else…I was extremely impressed with this secret little gem of a book, and I know anyone looking to read something dense with emotion, imagery and imagination will not be let down.’ The Blurb.

‘Finally! A well written, thoughtful murder mystery! Monks, murders, knights, inquisitors and a cracker ending!’ Goodreads

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