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Sweet Faded Ink: A Poetry Collection

by Chrissy Moon

A sampling of one woman’s lifetime of poetry, Sweet Faded Ink contains fifty poems. They reflect love, loss of love, or strength.

Introduced here in a random order, the author’s age ranges from 16 to 37. It’s a narration of different scenes in her life, using various formats and focal points.

The Butterfly Kiss: It took them 7336.78 miles to fall in love

by Sourish Sen

The Butterfly Kiss is a love travel tale of two American nationals, Ethan Mascaranes and Rose Reed. They happen to meet on a train journey from Paris to Spain. Rose being an oceanographer loves traveling which is the only common thing between her and Ethan who is an aspiring writer. Ethan is completely mesmerized by her beauty and her habits reminds him of someone he knew, his childhood. Ethan decides to help Rose in order to find her dad, who is upset with her and is not willing to stay in touch. They investigate of where could her dad be in a small coffee shop near the border of France & Spain and set out on a journey, in search of her father.

While on this journey, Ethan narrates incidents from his childhood, of the summers he spent in Maldives. The story is all about a to-do-wish list, a tape recorder & his small love interest, when he was just five years old. The story portrays the fact that how an adult is lost but every child has a motive.

The Butterfly Kiss is a literary fiction depicted in a poetic form, filled with cute little conversations, action, drama & more importantly the romance.

Sourish Sen is the author of The Butterfly Kiss.

Of Words and Writ and Wonderings: The Mind Sees, the Soul Sings.

by J

Poetry collection. From the drop of the feather to an enslaved weaver; from a haunted book to passing on, to the feeling of rush – a varied and eclectic selection.

Poems, Dreams & More: Vol.2

by Jeniann Bowers

This volume of poetry is a collection of the previous book of Poems, Dreams & More with new poems added.

Poems, Dreams & More Vol.2 still shows two different worlds of writing, the softer side of me and the side of me that stills questions things. Poems, Dreams & More Vol.2; was a journey outside of my norm and into a world of learning and rebuilding my writing in a new direction than ever before. This journey took me to a place where I was finally settled and happy in my life and knew what my true dreams were of life, love, nature and liberty. Within this book you will find some of the best poetry, which were previously published in volume 1, “Imagine”, “Many Miles Between Us” and new poetry, such as “Greatest!”, “Wait & See” and “The Haunting of Her Past”

Son Of A Sailor

by William Semo

A second book of poetry by acclaimed Laurel Highlands writer/poet William C Semo. This one, like the last, dealing with the personal journey of his life. Son Of A Sailor, as his father was a Merchant Marine in WW2, an account of his love for the sea and his journey in it best described in his forward:

(I saw it on the wooden shelf, a vast book of nautical mythology across time, at the discount bookstore where I frequented. It was in a sea of books, one lone thick book that nobody read by the dust cover jacked that lived up to it’s name, full of sea shanties and selections from ancient books and lore. It was a bland book with a mere mention of the waves on the cover, an anthology of sorts that caught my eye. Obscured, the tender poetry within across the centuries roared up within me and crashed upon the shores of my soul as if it were the first time I’d fallen in love.

When I brought it home and sat it down, my father’s smile let me know what I had always known, something spiritual and sacred about the sea. He picked it up and feathered through the pages, looking at indexes and knowing I’d probably never read it, but knowing that as with all mariners you need an anchor at times and a good strong rope to remain tethered to it. This book was all of these things.

“You bought a book on the sea.” He seemed to gleam a thought that only gave a mere mention of the times he’d spent as a Merchant Marine, all of it as vast as a seascape of words images and ideas that scanned the horizons of his mind. “You know, it is in your blood. Some of my fondest memories are of the sea.” It is something I will never forget, that look, so tender with a tear in his eye, “You are the son of a sailor.”

My father still roared with the sea, subtle, the tying of a knot or the reminiscence of things long lost like an old photograph. He had spent the better part of his younger life during WW2 and after on Victory and Liberty ships seeing the world building the image of the man he would become. Through it all, there was always the sea. There were the people he’d met during the war, after the war and all of the in-betweens. The storms and gales, the silent times when the sea reflected on him and through. There was a time when a strange meteorological effect made the clouds look like a city and he swore he was looking into heaven. Traveling the world though, it was those people he met on his journey and sailed with, port to port. The women of the world he loved but share a brilliance in their eye, a glass of cognac and whatever he could do to help the war torn world. Kind, but if somebody had a problem with him, he settled things “on the dock.” “On The Dock Semo” they called him. There were people whose lives he touched such as the young crippled boy in India that he’d met and sent $20 a month to and helped promote his knowledge of the place into becoming a wealthy man who ran a tourist operation. “You do not need to send me any more money, Rogi said one time, your help and believing in me I am a wealthy man.” That was always my father, seeing the good in people and pushing them to accomplish things in a way that few could endeavor to.

Like the sun in the sky though the clouds, or a port in the storm, it is to my father that I again dedicate this book, for our shared love for the seas and oceans of the world. The fresh water ones and the salty ones, the ones that have names and those that never appear on maps because they are the things of legend. My poems not particularly about the sea, but sacred hymns flowing with the salt of tears and long moments between pauses of silent afternoons and bittersweet mentions of life when it is worth living and worth loving for. I dedication this to all these mariners who have come before me, a son of the sea myself, and of course the son of a sailor who knows the tenderness of knowing.)

Comfort in Christ: A Collection of Inspired Poetry

by Rebecca Gholson

The author would like to invite you to discover the comfort that is available to every Christian through the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ! She has dedicated this book of inspired poetry to this end, lovingly pointing the way to finding true comfort through the power of the Savior. The author has struggled with fear and anxiety for most of her life, but has found deliverance through faith in Jesus. Having found the source of peace and comfort, the author brings you along her poetic journey. Along the way, she demonstrates in rhyme and metered verse, the sweet relief found in trusting everything to the Lord. Her hope is that, as you peruse these pages, you will also find that sweet solace of the Holy Spirit, the peace of God, and Comfort in Christ.

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