Free religious fiction Kindle books for 23 May 15

Alaskan Summer (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 654)

by Marilou Flinkman

Laurette Martel accepts a summer job with Southeast Alaska Maritime, unsure what her future holds. Now, in a strange and beautiful land, Laurette concentrates on her job, while she finds her heart becoming distracted by Ryan Nichols. Ryan is a wounded man. The death of his father dealt Ryan a harsh blow in high school, made worse in college when his mother left him in Sitka to begin a new life for herself in Chicago. His faith shaken, Ryan struggles with bitterness. But something about Laurette dares his heart to hope again. Could the warmth of God’s mercy melt Ryan’s heart and unite him with Laurette? Or will their affections be lost in the Alaskan summer?

An Artist’s Redemption (Christian Romance Novella)

by Katie Ingersoll

Logan is on a path of self-destruction, not through drugs or alcohol but from his sinking depression. Trinity visits one of his art openings, and immediately sees that the man has poured his suffering and pain out onto his canvases. She works at a crisis prevention center and before leaving, gives him her card. He has no interest in calling her, until the day he gets some devestating news, and his heart is ripped open again. All he can do is look for Trinity’s card and hope to get her on the phone. She answers her phone, but does she have the answers that will save Logan? She may have to risk everything to help the man she is beginning to fall for.

Katie Ingersoll has not always written Christian Romance novels. After going through her own personal trials and crisis of faith, she emerged spiritually transformed. Now she writes Christian Romance as a way of telling beautiful love stories, and as a way of sharing the real power of God in people’s lives.

Reviews from One Chance to Love, another of Katie Ingersoll’s Books on Amazon: Overall Review 4.4 out of 5 Stars from 62 Revieweres::

Great Romance Story

A Great Love Story

A Charming Romance

Wonderful Love Story

A Refreshing Read

Super Good

This book was absolutely wonderful, I loved it

Wonderful, Inspirational

Don’t Stop Believing

Sweet love story with a message

Sweet story of God’s healing power

Great Christian Romance

Loved This Book

Wonderful Heatwarming Story

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