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Venice: Venice, Italy: Travel Guide Book-A Comprehensive 5-Day Travel Guide to Venice, Italy & Unforgettable Italian Travel (Best Travel Guides to Europe Series Book 4)

by Passport to European Travel Guides

Journey to the Center of Venice, Italy!

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

â??Truman Capote

And if you’ve yet to experience this hypnotic, floating cityâ??what are you waiting for? Passport to European Travel Guides offers this comprehensive, yet quick and concise, 5-day guide to Veniceâ??one of the world’s most unique cities to visitâ??on sale now for just $2.99!

A 5-Day Travel Guide to Unforgettable Italian Travel

Have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have some idea but could use a treasure trove of great insider tips? Well, read on! You see, we know your trip begins long before you even book the flight, so this guide is chock full of dynamite tips on everything you need to know BEFORE you goâ??and much, much more we know you’ll thank us for!

Passport to European Travel Guides Features:

â?? Dynamite Insider Tips â?? for tourists! We give you the scoop on everything from local etiquette to saving money!

– 5-Day Suggested Itineraryâ??cover the best spots the city has to offer in 5 magical days!

– Luxury Sleeps, Luxury Eatsâ??our best recommendations for ultimate Venetian luxury

– Budget Sleeps, Budget Eatsâ??best spots for travelers on a budget

– Mapâ??of Venice, Italy

– City Snapshotâ??language, currency, airports, country code + more!

– Before You Goâ??there are some things you need to know!

– Getting in the Moodâ??with a few great films and books to enjoy before you go!

– Local Tourist Informationâ??where to find it once you’re on the ground in Italy

– Overviewâ??of Venice, Italy

– Italian Phrases For Emergenciesâ??least you’ll know how to holler “Help!”

– Climate + Best Times to Travelâ??to Venice!

– All About Toursâ??By bike, boat, bus or special interest and walking tours + our top recommendations with links and more!

– Venice Nightlifeâ??the best bars, clubs, live music, theater and dancing

– Lots moreâ??we aim to get you in the know!

â?? Special Bonus Features â??

– Learn Italian FASTâ??Use Rocket Italian

Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

Download Now to Enjoy on Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle Device

Scoop up this awesome 5-day guide to Venice NOW while you canâ??at just $2.99!

Confessions of a Travel Junkie: A Prequel to Garuda’s Travels

by Vanya VETTO

A journey of self realisation into the unknown, being down and out in USA and Thailand, the author explores the sub cultures of expat communities. It’s a tale of young man out on his maiden voyage, and how he deals with the vagaries of life that are thrown at him. It’s a prequel to his first travel book, Garuda’s Travels. And as usual there are lots of hi jinks. From following the pyramid trail, to teaching English in China, to failing spectacularly as a journalist in Thailand, you’ll laugh and cry as Vanya takes you on a journey of misadventure.

“He’s tried very hard on this book to recreate what it was like traveling before the internet. His confessions are sometimes shocking but always entertaining. If you like grungy writing, in the vain of Henry Miller and George Orwell, this Confessions of a Travel Junkie is for you.” — Chief Editor

The Journey is the destination, or is the destination the journey?

See Before You Die: Patagonia (Aurora Night Book 2)

by J.E. Leigh

Adventure travel writer, Aurora Night, is embarking on the adventure of a lifetime â?? a horse trekking trip into the heart of Patagonia. But as she boards the plane, Aurora’s boss calls to tell her See! magazine is downsizing. If she’s to survive the cuts, she must prove her worth. How? Win a coveted slot in the See Before You Die photo contest.

Aurora believes her prayers are answered when she meets an enigmatic horse trainer named Ben. With her faithful camera, Aurora captures a winning image of the mysterious man and his magnificent horse, Mancha. But the forces of deceit and greed are lurking, and Aurora soon finds herself alone and in a race to save not only her job, but the life of a friend.

Aurora’s journey through the spectacular and harsh Patagonian landscape takes her on a ride filled with humor, beauty, and danger. Along the way, Aurora meets a cast of ornery and affectionate horses, a hard-working dog, a quiet and wise gaucho, a mother torn between enjoying time to herself and rushing home to her kids, and the captivating horse trainer who questions Aurora’s deepest beliefs.

Will Aurora prevail? Or is success about more than winning?

About the series:

Adventure! Excitement! Aurora Night longs for these things. When she ventures out into the world to find them, she discovers far more thrills than she bargained for. Swept away by mysterious events, she’s also swept away by the mysteries of friendship, family, and love. As she works to unravel their secrets, she learns life isn’t measured by the moments that quicken her breath, but by the moments that take her breath away.

New in 2015! This story is also available as part of the book titled, Dawn Disrupts Me.

Prague Travel 101. Prague’s Must Have Backpacking Guide Book. Prague Tourism Guide, Prague Travel Guide, Prague Tourist Guide, Tourist Guide Prague, travel prague, Bohemia, Travel Czech, Czech Travel

by Heviz’s

Are you planning to travel to Prague soon, or would you like to someday? Guys, Prague is a very classic city! theres soooo much to see without being OVER CHARGED

Arent you guys tired of boring, cheap, and worst OVER PRICED travel guides? In most cases, wikipedia is much better, complete and dynamic. When we traveled, we tried to ask friends, or friends of friends who were “locals”. That is where we got the best tips by far, the most valuable ones about our travel destinations.

Buy this book Now and trully enjoy Prague without getting BANKRUPT!

  • One Day Trip to Prague, enough?
  • Culture, History, and Neighborhoods
  • Health and Safety
  • Weather and When to Go
  • Arriving/Departing and Getting around Prague
  • Public Transportation
  • Taxis and Car Rentals
  • Money Changer in Prague
  • Public Wifi
  • Prazszky Hrad
  • Shopping in Prague
  • Czech Mentality
  • Prague Medical Tourism
  • Czech and Beer
  • Czech Spa
  • Cheap Eats in Prague
  • Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Best Cafes in Prague
  • NightClubs

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Dawn in Patagonia (Aurora Night Book 4)

by J.E. Leigh

Questioning her solitary life, adventure traveler Aurora Night is drawn back into the web of danger she first encountered in Patagonia a year before. Torn between freedom and security, she must learn to be both the person she once was and the person she is destined to become. Will she fight off the ghosts of the past and the villains of the present to defend what is truly important?

About the series: Adventure! Excitement! Aurora Night longs for these things. When she ventures out into the world to find them, she discovers far more thrills than she bargained for. Swept away by mysterious events, she’s also swept away by the mysteries of friendship, family, and love. As she works to unravel their secrets, she learns life isn’t measured by the moments that quicken her breath, but by the moments that take her breath away.

New in 2015! This story is also available as part of the book titled, Dawn Disrupts Me.

The City of York; England; A First Steps website friendly guide to York, England; (First Steps Guides by Bill and Sarah Giles Book 5)

by Sarah Giles

The City of York; England; A First Steps Guide;

Our guides are designed for the 21st century and aim to let you enjoy the experience of your trip by giving you background to the city of York and the surrounding areas. The objective is to make sure you do not miss the main sites; We do not bombard you with too many facts as the web links mean you can get more information quickly to suit your particular needs; an individual guide you can customise to suit yourself. We live in an information age so you need a guide to be analytical not long winded.

We recreate the feel of the City of York and its charm. We also look at people who lived there and made the City famous. We cover York with its history, museums and important buildings and also the surrounding area; in our experience many of the best trips are to these places just outside. In Yorkshire this means religious sites, stately homes, gardens as well as the seaside.

As these guides use the internet we do not give detailed information on accommodation but instead links to sites where you can find it. These have many reviews and are always up to date. This is the modern way and the same applies to restaurants with a few exceptions; we always bookmark amazing places! You can find a lot of choice on Trip Advisor and nothing beats looking and choosing yourself; it’s part of the fun! Likewise we all have maps on our smart phones and computers so we can access these as we wish.

First Steps guides are easy to read, informative and go the extra mile in their research to give you all you need. These guides are written to let you choose what YOU like and enjoy.

The aim is to have fun!



Chapter 1;

Main sights and what not to miss;

Chapter 2;

Religious buildings and the Cathedral;

Chapter 3;


Chapter 4;

How to get there and where to stay;

Chapter 5;

The surrounding area;

Chapter 6;

Local Stately Homes;

Chapter 7;

Famous people associated with York;

Chapter 8;

The importance of York in the history of England;

Chapter 9;

The history of the city of York;


A Timeline of English History;

The Exotic Fruits of The Philippines: Asian Fruits

The book serves as an introduction to the exotic fruits found in Asia, and more specifically the Philippines. Gives a description and picture of the fruit as well as some general facts. A vital tool to use from grade school to adult visitors exploring the Asian area.

Cheap Vacation Ideas: A Complete Guide in How to Plan Your Perfect Summer Vacation

by Richard Foreman

A family holiday is an opportunity to break with routine, to reconnect as a family unit, and to experience exciting new places and adventures. A child’s strongest memories of childhood revolve around vacations, so they are an important aspect of family life.

Yet, the family vacation takes a great deal of planning and negotiation, to ensure you all enjoy the holiday of your dreams, and that you have prepared for every eventuality.

Family vacations don’t have to cost a lot because you can spend your vacations by taking day trips, enjoying outdoor adventures, educating your children while traveling, and so on. At the same time, vacation destinations have become more flexible in catering the varying needs and desires of their clients at affordable rates.

In this book, you’ll be guided on how you can plan for a simple family vacation. This includes choosing a place to stay, making your vacation less stressful with children, and more. At the same time, there are tips and ideas on saving money during your trip on food, activities, and souvenirs. Use this eBook to guide you in making the right choices to plan a fun, stress-free, and memorable trip with your family.

This guide will help you balance your family’s need for adventure with safety and practicality, whether your dream vacation is a road trip, a camping adventure, a beach holiday or a plane trip to an exotic vacation. With some forward planning, you can stay relaxed and organized while you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime with your family.

New Year’s Eve in Germany

by J.E. Leigh

Keira Kent is shocked to discover that German fairytales don’t end with Happily Ever After. When a mysterious stranger appears at her door, she is swept away on an adventure with a knight in not-so-shiny armor, a quest for a bizarre treasure, and a crazy tyrant with murderous ideas. Someone will die on New Year’s Eve unless Keira trusts the power of unity to overcome evil.

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