Free war Kindle books for 23 May 15

Death Grip

by Tracy Sherwood

War hero Kat Hartley is home from the Middle East, struggling to return to her life as a wife and mother. But Kat is locked in a battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that threatens to destroy her and her family. Imprisoned by shame after helplessly watching her fellow soldier die in a fiery Humvee explosion, Kat can’t escape his terrified eyes. They haunt her daylight hours and torment her sleep at night. However, Kat is held in the clutches of a darker secret. The doomed soldier was also her loverâ?¦and the husband of her now-widowed sister.

Kat will never truly be free until she confronts the guilt over her past. But can she conquer the enemy within that holds her in its death grip? It’s a fight she must win at any cost. Or lose what matters the most.


Our planet is under attack by frightening aliens coming from another galaxy. Their only target is to invade the earth and to destroy the human race completely. To prevent the aliens from taking over our beloved world all the governments had to join forces for the first time in history to fight our common enemy.

Defend your planet from the alien intruder and help the joined army forces defeating them.

It will be a long war that will take you in many different countries and each battle is going to be harder and harder. Rise your skills in every fight and gain the necessary strength to defeat the evil forces.

You will be amazed with this exciting match 3 game.

Tap on three or more adjacent flying saucer / UFOs to make them disappear.

You will have to rush to find the matching UFOs and crush them as the time is running against you. Keep an eye on the planet’s status while playing to understand if you are doing well or if the earth is about to explode.

???Features: ???

? Match 3 or more identical UFO s

? Colorful graphics and smooth animations

? 15 levels to play

? Maximum points reachable with one move: 300

If you like match-3 games, then you will definitely love this one.

Useful advice: You need to match at least 3 space ships to get points, if you touch just 2 of them they will disappear and empty the space they occupied before, but without giving you any points.

Warning: If you touch in a place where no matching UFOs are, you will lose 50 points.

You will have to fight all across the globe to eradicate the threat of the alien’s invasion. You will find yourself battling in ancient, kind of mystic or other special places:

Level 1: In England in front of the Stonehenge

Level 2: In Mexico in front of an Aztec pyramid

Level 3: In Egypt in front of the pyramids

They will try to demolish some of the most famous national symbols of the earth to weaken you in body and spirit like:

Level 4: Mont Rushmore in the United States of America

Level 5: The Ayers Rock in Australia

Level 6: The Royal Palace of Madrid in Spain

Level 7: The Big Ben in London (UK)

Level 8: The Eiffel Tower of Paris in France

Level 9: The Brandenburg Gate of Berlin in Germany

Level 10: The Coliseum of Rom in Italy

If you will get here, the enemy will have to call for a strategic retreat to try and reorganize their fleets. Chase them out of our atmosphere until deep in the outer space. Get yourself ready for the concluding acts of this epic war:

Level 11: Space shuttle attack – let them abandon our planet

Level 12: First space fight

Level 13: Satellite defense

Level 14: Approaching the moon – Fight between the asteroids

Level 15: Last battle field – the lunar ground

Blast all the UFOs away and prevent the raging alien monsters from establishing their kingdom.

If you are able to master all the levels you will be remembered as one of the heroes that participated and won the first intergalactic war.

This is an exceptional game to kill some time. You can use it everywhere at the bus stop, on the metro /subway, while having a break at work or at school, at home, etc. Remember to turn the volume down when you are in public places. – you will love it!

Rebirth!: Screenplay of Ideas

by Arnold Lutz

A tragic story revolving around Bobby Hartfield and Faith McIntyre, college students. This is a screenplay of ideas. The late 1960s come alive again with all the fervor, violence and idealism of youth. Rebirth! is a story about the war in Vietnam, the draft, protesting and the ideas that tear two brothers apart. Length is 144 pages.

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