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Innocent Immigrant 1: Mail Order Bride: Ménage Marriage (Colonial New Zealand Romance)

by Jax Lusty

*** WARNING: Innocent Immigrant ~ Ménage Marriage is a THREE-NOVELLA SERIES.*** All parts have been published and the complete bundle is available as a boxed set.

Colonial New Zealand, 1896

After an eight-week voyage, 19-year-old mail order bride, Katie Masefield, arrives in the small gold mining town of Kotuku, New Zealand, only to discover the stranger she is to marry was killed in an accident while she was at sea.

Kotuku is rough. The men outnumber the women five-to-one, and the local Pastor has developed his own laws with regard to marriage. Married women are frequently shared among single male relatives, and single women are fair prey.

Dumped in the tide, and then rescued by the handsome and wealthy Griff Tucker, Katie is taken to recover at his home which he shares with his close friend, Ari Raukura. Their scandalous lifestyle, if discovered, would see the two men in prison, and they’re eager to take Katie as their wife. But Katie’s innocence and beauty in a town bereft of women make her a sought after commodity, and other men also believe they have a valid claim for her hand.

Naïve and alone, Katie must decide whether to take a chance on her own in wild Colonial New Zealand, or make a life with two husbands eager to educate her in the delights of a ménage marriage.

READERS NOTE: Contents may be hot! This series contains scenes of spanking, male-male mm sexy times anal, and mfm ménage, with a large dose of love and romance. If that’s not what you like to read, please pass on this series. However, if you enjoy a lot of loving between two hunky colonial men, and the way they set about seducing and educating a naïve young Englishwoman, you’re going to love this.

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The Widow’s Mite: A Short Story

by Charlotte May

Wars are never fought by soldiers alone. While Britain’s young men fight for King and Country across the globe, the families they leave behind must carry on their own private battles on the Homefront, enduring rationing, nighttime bombing raids, and a growing sense of uncertainty. Victoria, a “War Bride” and new mother, must also deal with her overbearing mother, a baby who won’t stop screaming, and a Department of War that keeps insisting her husband has been killed in action. Victoria understands–even if those around her do not–that in times of crisis, everyone must make sacrifices, even if all you have left to give is your faith.

The Swords of Freedom: A Wing Chun Story

by Jeremy Han

Swords of Freedom

A Wing Chun Story

1900 AD

The might of the combined armies of the Eight Nation Alliance converge upon Beijing during the Boxer Rebellion. As they approach the Forbidden City in fury, a murder is committed.

1907 AD

The Guangxu Emperor discovers who murdered the love of his life. If he could avenge his lover, he will do anything, including betraying his clan.

The Chinese revolution falters. Sun Yat-sen, leader of the rebellion realizes the painful truth – unless he does something drastic, the dream of freedom for millions of Chinese will be crushed under the cruel heel of the Qing Dynasty. He must do the unthinkable.

1908 AD

A team of assassins gathers for an impossible mission. The imperial court unleashes its hounds to hunt for its enemies. A daring mission is conceived and executed. The fate of an empire will be decided.

And the Empress Dowager Cixi must die.


by Jude Fawley

In New York City, mysterious outbreaks of salmonella are devastating families. In Europe, decades before, rampant childbed fever is ending families before they even begin.

Mary Mallon, an Irish cook, is pursued by the government. Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian obstetrician, is being ridiculed by the medical establishment.

No one is washing their hands.

In the Shadow of the Spirits

by Tallulah Salvator

In the 16th century Spanish conquistadores discovered gold, land and slaves in the Americas. In the 16th century Suleiman the Great led the armies and navies of the Ottoman Empire in battle after battle against the armies of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. The battleground was the Mediterranean. The prize was control of the trade routes across the centre of the world. The lives of those who lived on its shores were collateral damage as raiders from both sides kidnapped entire villages to row their war galleys.

This is the untold story of three young people struggling against the tides of history to find a place of their own. Iqharai and Raxal were born into a land alive with Spirits. Raxal, the elder sister, embued with powers, the future Spirit guide of her people. Iqharai, younger, bolder, in love with life, engaged to her best friend and protector, surrounded by the tribe and the freedom she had always known. Their people were wild and free and proud of it. Until the conquistadores came and enslaved the people to work on their farms. But free people do not willing submit to brutal oppression and The Wild Ones rebelled and paid the ultimate price. Iqharai and Raxal were sent, as many children were, as slaves to the Old World.

Arriving in Spain they are separated at the auction block. Raxal is sold to the Senora of a brothel while Iqharai becomes a housemaid to a Christian couple with ties to the infamous Inquisition. Time passes and they try to adjust to their new lives. But when Iqharai’s master becomes indebted to a Muslim doctor he sends Iqharai to the doctor’s family as payment, but Iqharai is forced to accompany the family when they flee the country. Unable to contact or help Raxal she leaves Granada heartbroken.

Escaping to North Africa Iqharai holds out hope of a happy future with the man she loves, a fellow slave named Moussa. But then the doctor decides to take the family to the capital of civilization, and the centre of the Ottoman Empire, the glorious City of Lights, Istanbul.

En route to Istanbul their ship is captured by the Knights of St John and Moussa and Iqharai are separated. Moussa is condemned to the grueling life of a galley slave, rowing day in day out for months on end. Iqharai is sold to one trader and then another, and eventually comes to the City of Lights as a gift for the Royal harem.

Confined to a gilded prison Iqharai hopes against all reason to one day be free. Chained and sentenced to death by labour Moussa holds on to the memories of better days. Hallucinating and addicted Raxal tries hard to forget the power she once had. They all live in the shadows of Spirits, unable to reach the light but still struggling and trying to find a place of peace in a time of chaos.

This is a gripping historical drama based on the real history of the 16th century. If you like seeing history from a different point of view you’ll love In the Shadow of the Spirits.

Baby Trains(Trenes Bebies)

by Ed Bobe

Grandfather Steam tells his grandchildren the story of Uncle Howard(a steam train), in Europe, during the Second World War, Battle of the Bulge.

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