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Minecraft: Discover the Best Strategies to Become Master of the Game! (Minecraft, Minecraft books, minecraft toys)

by Kevin Lewis


Discover the Best Strategies to Become Master of the Game!

Minecraft is an excellent game that has the popularity to match the fun that it has. It is a game that presents you with countless challenges that help you to perfect your skills and be a master of the game.

The book contains:

  • How to create the best Minecraft game that you can enjoy playing either by yourself or with other players,
  • Strategies that you can use to shape you world to make it presentable and in line with your preferences,
  • Best ways that you can play Minecraft and ensure that you topple other players in the game,
  • Internet sites where you can compete with online players to perfect your skills and become a master,
  • Available skins and the best types that you can use to create your Minecraft,
  • Programs available to give you the best experience while creating your Minecraft,
  • Strategies to ensure that you survive in case of a confrontation with other players in the game,
  • How to best play Minecraft in different arenas, and ways to become a winner,
  • Different kinds of servers available to you to make the experience of playing Minecraft to be thrilling, fun and enjoyable.

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Hard Up, Ardon TRILOGY (The Hard Series Book 4)

by Jimmy Perrin

Malcolm is a geek, with no confidence… Dexter is a wannabe gangster, with no morals…

In a bizarre meeting of the two men they become the very best of friends and embark on a journey to change each others lives for the better. Malcolm tries to change Dexter into the perfect gentleman and Dexter tries to help Malcolm live a little, gangster style.

SHARE the adventures of Mr Chalk and Mr Cheese in this hilarious trilogy.

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