Free poetry Kindle books for 24 May 15

The Black Chamber: Poems

by Amanda Langley

Contemporary poems exploring themes including Big Brother, cyberspace, terrorism, and modern day bureaucratic forces. Poems include “Censoring is the Mother of All Things”, “Mr. Bush Paints”, “PRISM”, and others.

These Times: Poems

by Valerie R. Vaughn

In These Times the author uses the poetic form to write about falling in love, the search for meaning in life, and overcoming painful experiences. In “Cracks” and “Perspective,” the author writes about forgetting about the past in order to rebuild the self into a better person. “These Times” chronicles the journey of shedding other people’s expectations in order to find one’s true self.

The Famine of the Human Dream

by Benjamin Mester

What is wisdom? If wisdom is one thing, it is the ability to perceive what in life is worth doing, and what is not. But as Solomon noted: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” So often, we seek that which never satisfies. We work, we save, we store, and spend. These are the things people do with their time, not the things that make life worth living. What then does make life worth living? Attaining happiness? No. Becoming strong — a person who knows the good and fights for it. That is true wisdom. Contained within these essays and poems is an in depth look at those ancient questions of life that all have felt in rare moments, with excerpts of poetry and philosophy from all the inspired thinkers throughout time, all through the lens of the Bible. This author believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God, and treats it as the basis for truth.

Throwing Grapes at Bravados: Poetry of the Ridiculous, Satire, Limericks, and Other Oddities

by Amanda Langley

If you love Keats and Yeats, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re the type that enjoys a good comeback line against everyone (including your other personalities), you shall enjoy this book of poetic rhyme, satire, limericks, and other oddball bits. Just some of the titles include, “The Worst Names for Zines”, “The Bitchin’ Irishman in America”, “Tips for a Happy Marriage”, and “A-Maizing Girl”.

What people are saying about “Throwing Grapes at Bravados”:

“It makes me appreciate reading with my eyes shut.” — some guy in England

“Not bad…for toilet paper.” — Dee Butts

“Wow, someone actually took time to type this out?” — Professor U.N. Vee-Mee

Beyond Words: A Collection of Poems

by Mayank Mishra

Poetry, like all the beautiful things of life cannot be defined in a few words. It takes a lifetime and even more sometimes. Through my poems I have tried to understand different concepts and attempted to define them. Words become immortalized when wrought in poetry. Nature lives in a poetic mood all the time, I realized this when I was 18 years old. Let my words speak !

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