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Preppers Paleo Pantry(Preppers Pantry, Survival Pantry, Palelithic Diet, Paleo Diet)

by Wulfe DIxon

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Looking for a way to get ready for an emergency situation while staying healthy? Look no further because Preppers Paleo Pantry will guide you to creating a pantry that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle – even when a disaster occurs. With the help of this book, you can create a food stock that takes you closer to how our ancestors eat.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Paleo eating?
  • Why it is important to eat a Paleo diet
  • Easy ways to stock your pantry
  • The foods you should stock
  • Information on the vitamins and minerals needed
  • Foods to avoid
  • Much, much more!

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Trail of Broken Wings: A Novel By Sejal Badani | Summary & More

by Miss Analysis

A Detailed Summary & Analysis of Trail of Broken Wings By Sejal Badani

Trail of Broken Wings By Sejal Badani is a strongly moving fiction book about the hazardous and the vicious circle of abuse and violence, which creates negative effects on a number of families; as well as it is about the secrets we keep and the lies we tell to others, apparently to save ourselves and our loved ones. However, we never realize that our secrets of past bad experiences may have negative effects on our adult lives and relationships as well as the lives of people who are around us.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Get:

  • You will get a detailed summary of the novel
  • You will find some analysis to strengthen your knowledge about the book
  • A critical review of the novel
  • Summary of basic story elements: Setting (Time & Place), Key Characters, etc.

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Esoteric Principles of Light Book 4: Principle Based Universal Model (P.B.U.)

by Stellar Mass

When we visualize, the sphere, our “globe” orbiting, wobbling….we tend to place this event within a natural time matrix, based on speed or force. However speed/force be only relative to the machine’s influence, as a whole. The sphere we are continually existing within, is not divided, and thus we are existent in a probable location, within that greater sphere. Our consciousness, or awareness of the sphere, we are contained within, be all that keep of captive. Did you ever wonder at the likely hood that you got a head ached or body ache, because it was going to rain? Or perhaps, had a dream of an event prior to it taking place, then to marvel at your clairvoyant moment? Did you ever stop to think that you were in fact, a part of that singularity principle, tethered to others, at specific geometric and algorithmic coordinates patters, that actually created the event?

Well, this is the Existence that I have come to know, and live it daily. The matrix has been grossly misshapen, morphed in fact, by those who understand this, and yet use it to alter their own life and existence. This is the danger of initiate programs, which tether themselves by only that justification of distinction above those outside their web of matrix. This in turn alters those tethers and offshoots to the event, or IMPACT FORCE, which in succession determines that reaction, by the sphere upon specific peoples. The goal is to get you to believe it was your doing all along, which landed you an an “unlucky” position. I would work my ass off, drawing all the potential will and power available to me, in order that I should earn my merits, in a given task. That I did not follow the web or matrix design (IE the agenda 21}indoctrination by School, event placement)…my vitality and life force was stopped up, there was simply no flow through. I was then prompted into externalized influences, that when blocked, over ridden, and/or avoided, would then result in a direct assault, by the web of matrix, a program. Taking, stealing, robbing vital force, reward and affluence that had already been earned within my person, or personal localized sphere, as event. This over a life time, gave me Principle accruence or cause, I stood, like many, superior to the machine.

Further I witnessed first hand, dimensional splits, in the time space fabric. Calling bullshit, and following an actual trail, which began as a metaphysical journey of mind speculation, with that succession of deep mental mind focus, multifariously infused with physical effort, the event became more solidified into form. I saw in signs, symbols and colors. An extra dimensional road map, of Jurisdiction, zones. When we have not been “fortunate” enough, as to accrue vital soul force, resultant from blocked thought, action, deeds, we end up becoming robots to the cause. In other words, those displaced, become the outsiders, and not those key players, within and thus part of that original fabric, of matrix.

When the mind connects then, not to the machine, but far beyond, where Principle rules The All. Those false constraints of E.M. based law, a farce, are now lay prostrate before The All, those rightful heirs, dejected from their own house, a mansion, have awoken to the truth. That greater alignment begins to take into original order. Thus the body, the car, the house, and all other false tokens of imprisoning the key players, that support those dynamics of force energy into manifesting reality, are made right by the whole of that greater ALL. This we call true justice, or Pure justice, which is not the upholding of law, as all Men all free, but that undeniable and direct influence of Principle, as the first and thus final word, this is the eternal moment.

Thus fads, mislead the trainable masses, dictating an ever wayward time signature event. The symbol, the arrival, the ritual of absorption, of the product, perpetuates the machine. Those teens smoking weed, on the brand string or tether of that cur

Islam Attacks the Whore: Sharing the Red Horse

by Will Clark

The Bible Book of Revelation tells a story that has two endings. One is of survival; the other is of salvation for those who do not follow the Beast; Islam, and accept his mark. One ending is for those who remain on earth. The other is for those who are resurrected through the Word of God. But, there are many codes to understand before these stories reveal themselves.

The first Revelation code is broken by uncovering the concept that the first woman described in Revelation; â??in pain with a child to be delivered,’ was Christianity. She was identified as Christianity when in 350 A.D. Constantine the Great (two wings of a great eagle) protected her, then formed the Roman Catholic Church.

That protection ended after another 350 years. That’s when the Islamic religion was founded from Muhammad’s teachings. Muhammad began slaughtering Christians and others under the guise of killing only for the purpose of defense. History proves Muhammad murdered many by self-initiation to fulfill his prophesies of having a world where only Muslims would exist. He called himself a prophet, taking the place of Christ; and his followers believed him and supported him. They still do. That’s the purest definition of an antichrist. â??Antichrist’ means to take the place of Christ; not one against Christ. This concept is further verified by the fact that Muhammad suffered a mortal head injury from which he recovered. This was prophesied in Revelation 700 years before it happened, to describe the coming Beast.

Once this code is understood, other codes are more easily deciphered. The next important code is in Chapter 17.

The Islamic religion is clearly revealed in Revelation, Chapter 17: “And I saw the woman (religion) drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” Verse 5 identifies that woman as â??Babylon the Great.’ Since Islam was founded in 700 A.D. it has continued to wage war against Christians; the â??remnant of her seed.’ of that first woman described as Christianity.

Islam fulfills the general identification of the â??Beast’ throughout Revelation. It was prophesied that â??through peace he shall conquer many.’ Islam vehemently claims it is a â??religion of peace’ which is one of the greatest deceptions of mankind. Still, today, Islamists are slaughtering thousands of innocents, including children, especially in the Middle East and Africa. That causes the rider of the red horse to â??take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another,’ as they are now doing. Muslims are killing one another in the Middle East. Muslims are now attacking the most radical part of Islam – their â??whore.’ That â??rider of the red horse’ is a religion, not a person. “And, power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.”

These verses from Revelation and many more are unveiled in this book; including the identities of the riders of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. The most surprising revelation in this book is that the rider of the red horse includes both the Islamic religion and the Babylon whore. That’s just one of the many surprises you will find within the contents of this book. It contains many more equally surprising revelations.

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