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Relationships: Body Language, Social Skills and Confidence – Skills to Understand ANYONE (Communication Skills, Social Anxiety, People Skills)

by Matthew Jones

Learn How to Read Other People’s Body Language and Improve Your Social Skills!

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Do you love people, but have trouble understanding them?

Do you wish you could tell what your friends and family are thinking?

Would you like to improve your relationships at home, work, and socially?

If so, then Body Language Made Easy: 25 Simple Tips to Master Social Skills and Understand EVERYONE is the book for you!

This helpful book is chock full of tips, formulas and super shortcuts that are perfect for understanding other people’s subconscious communications. You’ll learn about the 4 types of body language:

  • Physical
  • Hidden
  • Involuntary
  • Emotional

You can also discover how to interpret other forms of non-verbal communication, such as Facial Expressions, Body Postures, Gestures, and Handshakes.

Body Language Made Easy: 25 Simple Tips to Master Social Skills and Understand EVERYONE is available for Download Now.

Download Body Language Made Easy: 25 Simple Tips to Master Social Skills and Understand EVERYONE Now for Instant Reading by Scrolling Up and Clicking the “Buy” Button

Stop dreading your social interactions and learn to be happier and more social. You really can be a master of your social environment!

Happy reading!

There Is A Smile In My Pocket

by Sarah Bowman

We all have smiles that hide in our pocket. we place them on our face, to show how we are feeling.. Animals smile too. So, go ahead and show your smile..

Illusion of Safety: You’re never safe in the presence of a pedestrian (Live Within Reason Book 6)

by Andrew Mather

What are you relying on to keep you safe? Your skill, your experience, your adherence to the rules of road safety? They were never made to make you safe, if you define safety as not killing or injuring someone. If you haven’t done either yet, then there may be an element of skill, but if you think that driving at the speed limit is keeping you safe, then you’re in for a shocking surprise. I’d rather the surprise was in this book.

RHYME TIME: Over 25 Beautiful Rhyming Pictures

by Elizabeth Ash

SWB Children’s publishing branch specializing in helping your very special child learn. These books increase cognitive development as your child’s ability to learn and solve problems improves with reading.

This amazing picture book helps your child learn the important sounds that lead to great vocalization. It is filled with beautiful pictures and large, easy-to-read text. This book starts to help your child build the platform for continued growth and development.

Darth 37 page Deep Thinking And Creative Teaching Activities

by Julieann Wallace

Darth Teaching Activities

This is a total package of deep thinking, creative and learning activities that accompany the children’s picture book ‘Darth’ (book trailer: )

1. Synopsis

Darth happily lives in a pet store fish tank with his loving family until he is suddenly taken away. He finds himself in a beautiful new environment, however, a group of unfriendly fish also live there and make Darth feel most unwelcome. Darth remembers his mum’s words of advice – to use the power of kindness, and uses this advice to befriend the unfriendly fish.

Making new friends, kindness and giving out happiness are the key themes in the story.

The printable teaching activities include:

– A thematic book (1 – 2 week duration)

– An anchoring book (early finisher)

– Or as standalone worksheets and/or discussion topics

– Debono’s Six Thinking Hats, encouraging extended thinking

– Relationships – friendships, the bystander

– Design – Visual, Technology

– Creative art

– Narrative Writing, Persuasive Writing

– Information Report

– The science of bubbles

– 3 marking RUBRICS included,

as well as mathematics and projects.

Life is lived inside the mind

by Rajesh Sharma

Everyone of us at one point of time in our life span definitely would have thought that

” What is life ” ?

I also had read a lot of quotes on life :

— Life is a marathon not a 100 meter dash.

—  ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.â?? .. Albert Einstein

—  ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.â??

And so many more â?¦..

In this e-book I have tried to explain how human life is spent inside the mind throughout our life journey.

Anyone who has spent much time watching animal behavior has probably, at some point or another, wondered what goes on inside (non-human) animals’ brains–Are they thinking, or just acting intuitively? Do they have minds, or just a collection of neural matter?

Just imagine if humans would have the similar mind like that of animals .

We all know that a new born baby is not having any thought. The baby cries only during hunger and during a pain in the body due to any reason. When we born as an infant , we have no awareness of our own state.

How all the transformations happens as a child grows ?

So once you go about reading this e-book , actually you have started your journey of understanding life .

Enjoy reading . . .

Maths for SBI PO 2015 Preliminary Exam with shortcuts

by Sahil Gupta

In this book , important concepts of SBI PO 2015 Preliminary exam ( QUANT / MATHS / NUMERICAL ABILITY with shortcuts : Part : 2 ) are explained. I hope that this book will be helpful for you. Other parts of quantitative and books of Reasoning & English will be published soon.

Speed Reading For Beginners – Learn How to Become an Expert Reader in a Jiffy

by John Samson

What You Will Find In This Book?

Don’t you wish you could read the morning paper faster than you are reading these days? It would definitely get you to work more quickly every day. What about the lengthy distracting emails at work that you must refer and correspond to immediately? Or what about taking the usual fill of bulky textbooks to prepare for your school examinations?

Why use up your hard earned money to extensive and expensive training courses when speed reading is easily a skill that you can teach yourself. In Speed Reading for Beginners there is a comprehensive guide to the good and the bad of speed reading. It goes with consideration of people and their own separate set of skills and speed of reading.

Time being the most precious and non refundable of all resources determines your success in life depending on how you use it.

The Speed Reading for Beginners eBook contains the following:

1. The average statistics of how much an average person reads.

2. The full comprehensive guide on how to speed up your reading.

3. Comprehensive tips on the techniques that improve your speed reading pace.

4. The various speed reading methods.

5. The Lead In to whether speed reading really helps in the real world.

6. Evident Benefits of Speed Reading.

Just flip the page and start your brain training for superfast reading skills!

Oliver the Caterpillar

by Sarah Bowman

Oliver and his siblings have miraculous things taking place in their tiny bodies. They start life as four very small caterpillar eggs. They go through stages of development. Oliver is the smallest of the eggs, and seems to be having some difficulties. However, Oliver proves that size doesn’t matter, in this fun educational book for all ages~

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