Free religious fiction Kindle books for 24 May 15

Drawn From Darkness: Book 4 of Hearts Of Hays Series

by Barbara Goss

Nellie is drawn to a man whose reputation is less than admirable. Nicholas is a womanizer who frequents the town saloons, and is also her boss at the hotel. While that creates a problem, she also is faced with harassment, deceit, jealousy, and a love so strong it slices through the darkness.

Dirty Denim Girl: A grownup Jewish bedtime story (Grownup Jewish Bedtime Stories Book 4)

by Jayde Blumenthal

This short story is always FREE to borrow with Kindle Unlimited!

When a pair of women’s jeans finds its way into Sarah’s tidy living room with a pile of kids’ clothing, she wonders where they could possibly have come from. Sarah’s a good girl; she’s never even tried on a pair of jeans. But when she pulls them on, the feeling is like nothing she’s ever experienced before. Will Sarah succumb to her dirtier side?

Find out in an all-new (grownup) Jewish bedtime short story from master storyteller Jayde Blumenthal!

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