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Hydroponics: Aquaponics: (2 in 1 Book Set) Book 1: Hydroponics 101 – Book 2: An Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening (gardening, fish farming, vegetables, … greenhouse, permaculture, agriculture)

by Dean Deschain

Learn All About Hydroponics and Aquaponics With This 2-in-1 Book Set

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What can I do with Hydroponics? What about Aquaponic Gardening? Is it expensive to get started?

When you download Hydroponics 101 and An Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening, Book 1 will give you an introduction to a variety of steps and strategies for starting a Hydroponic Gardening System at home. A Hydroponic garden doesn’t use soil. Instead, it grows plants in nutrient-enriched water. This method has several advantages over traditional gardening, you’ll learn about these and more. You can decide if this growing system, which can help treat a variety of ailments, is right for you!

How do you get started? What equipment do you need? Is this something that anyone can do?

Book 2, An Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening explains the pros and cons of setting up an aquaculture farming system that will provide both fresh fish and vegetables to you. It also describes the various types of fish, and the different kinds of plants that are suitable for this type of food production. You’ll also learn fun facts about aquaculture, the basics of fish farming, and much more!

When you download this book, you’ll also learn about the equipment, methods, and techniques you’ll need to start your fish farm/aquaponics journey today.

Download Hydroponics 101 and An Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening now, and start learning how these amazing methods of food production can help you raise fish and grow organic vegetables!

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Dieting & Weight Loss Guide: Lose Pounds in Minutes (Speedy Boxed Sets): Weight Maintenance Diets

by Speedy Publishing

In the Dieting and Weight Loss boxed set you will learn about different diet plans and how they may or may not actually help you. Learn about detoxing and cleansing as well as get tips on naturally boosting your metabolism.

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