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C++ Language Tutorial For Beginner: Learn C++ in 7 days

by Sharam Hekmat

C++ (pronounced see plus plus) was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs as an extension to C, starting in 1979. C++ adds many new features to the C language, and is perhaps best thought of as a superset of C, though this is not strictly true as C99 introduced a few features that do not exist in C++. C++’s claim to fame results primarily from the fact that it is an object-oriented language. As for what an object is and how it differs from traditional programming methods, well, we’ll cover that in

C++ was ratified in 1998 by the ISO committee, and again in 2003 (called C++03). Two updates to the C++ language (C++11 and C++14, ratified in 2011 and 2014 accordingly) have been made since then, adding additional functionality to the language. Relevant features from both of these updates will be discussed in these tutorials.

Hacker High School: Email Security

by Bailil Mark

Learn about Email security……

Learn HTML in 11 Easy Lessons: A Beginners Guide to HTML

by Richard Baron

A structured course, introducing new concepts as we progress through lessons.

Designed and written in a way that is easy for absolute beginners to understand and develop at a pace suitable to the individual.

We cover the following:

Lesson One – The Structure of a Webpage

Lesson Two – Introduction to TextWrangler

Lesson Three – Headings

Lesson Four – Paragraphs

Lesson Five – Formatting Text

Lesson Six – Lists

Lesson Seven – Images

Lesson Eight – Tables

Lesson Nine – Forms

Lesson Ten – Links

Lesson Eleven – IFrames

Following the successful completion of Lesson Eleven, you will be in a position to put together a reasonably good HTML-only Webpage.

Penetration Testing With BackTrack

Learn Penetration Testing With BackTrack

QUICK CASH FIVERR OUTSOURCING: How To Make An Extra $500/Month By Outsourcing Client’s Work On Fiverr (make money online series)

by Alexander Shrouder

This is the fastest way to make money online fast and as quick as possible

Make money online by outsourcing client’s work on fiverr

if you are strap for cash and want to make money for capital purposes, this is for you

Reverse Engineering in Computer Applications

Learn Reverse Engineering for hacking……

Start Makin’ Money Online: (Without Spendin’ A Dollar)

by Catherine Sullivan

This guide will help people start selling online. There are so many routes to make money and this guide tells you the most effective way to make your first buck even on your first day.

WIFE’s coach for startups -volume 1-: efforts to set up SIM of UQ Mobile(priori2) (嫁はã??の起業æ??å? Book 10001)

by Kyoko

WIFE bought a smart-phone to get information anytime and anywhere. She searched and found the “UQ Mobile(priori2)” which is the cheapest one to pay 2,680 yen per a month. It reached on her house in a few days and she started to set up soon, but she could not know how to build SIM in the smart-phone. Chip of SIM might be destroyed. She tried to solve the problem for a hour. And then she solved the problem safely. If you want to know the solution, you can buy it at $0.99(initial price) on Amazon.

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