Free horror Kindle books for 25 May 15

23 Nightmares

by Abhishek A

23 short stories that will take you on a thrill ride and each one will be reminiscent of your worst nightmares. Every story is a standalone story but still weaves itself into a common universe. The genre is unique for each story but it is you who plays the central character in each one of them. Take 23 different roles varying from a businessman to a thief, from a god to a ghost, from an alien to a vampire as you participate in this journey into the realm of nightmares.

Men of the Night: Brett (BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Erotica Short Story)

by Irene White

I’ve had a crush on Brett for the longest time. I’ve always wanted a night alone with him, but I’ll start with a day trip. I’m going to take him hiking, and when we get back, we’re going to have some amazing erotic encounters.

He loves my curves. I know he does. But what else is there to him? Why do we never see him at night? What paranormal mysteries are there to this man?

Men of the Night: Adam (Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Erotica Short Story)

by Irene White

Who is this mysterious man next door? And why won’t he ever come out at night? He’s hot, he’s rugged, and I want him… but I’m never around to get him.

My name is Beth, and I just broke up with a long-term boyfriend. I’ve had some encounters to try and get over it, but none have lived up to him. That is, until I ran across my next-door neighbor. I wanted him. I got him. But the encounter was far beyond normal–in fact, it was paranormal. It was also the hottest encounter of my life.

**This is an erotic story, and as such, contains material suitable only for those 18+.**

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