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Flash and Bones and the Jungle Demon Agramon (Real Comics in Minecraft – Flash and Bones Book 9)

by Calvin Crowther

This Amazing series of Real Minecraft Comics is the first of its kind

– Including over 42 fully illustrated comic pages

– 3 activity quests to solve at the end to help find Herobrine’s tomb

It has the look and feel of any Marvel superhero comic, but based on the Minecraft mobs and characters you’ve come to love from the game as well as other Minecraft Novels.

Episode 9: The Jungle Demon Agramon

The heroes emerge from the secret stronghold after freeing Bones from his demon curse, only to find themselves in a strange jungle with the sun setting, far from the desert they started in. Bones becomes separated from them in the night and is captured by jungle natives who worship an evil demon named Agramon.

Can Flash and Angel rescue Bones, again, before he is sacrificed to the demon? Will this strange jungle tribe help them find the third and final ingredient needed to complete their quest?

In these Minecraft Adventures, our hero Flash will be searching for the mysterious Herobrine with the help of a villager named Bones and their mysterious rescuer named Angel. Along the way they’ll run into many different Minecraft monsters, including zombies, wolves, an evil witch, skeletons, creepers, endermen, and the ender dragon.

In order to complete their journey they must uncover hidden Minecraft secrets, mine and craft tools, build structures and set Minecraft traps in order to make it to the end of their quest and keep from being eaten or captured by Herobrine and his evil minions.

What you expect from Minecraft Comic Books will never be the same after reading these Amazing Adventures of Flash and his sidekick Bones.

Every Real Comic in Minecraft includes 3 activity puzzles that go along with the story

– Find the differences in the 2 Minecraft scenes

– Solve the logic puzzle to find out who wins the fight

– Answer questions about the story so you can follow the treasure map to Herobrine’s tomb

Comics in the Flash and Bones series

– #1 The Empty Tomb of Herobrine

– #2 Leetah the Wicked Witch

– #3 Escape from Herobrine’s Minions

– #4 Herobrine’s Mountain Prison

– #5 The Enderman Zombie Potion

– #6 The Wild West Frontier

– #7 The Mystery of the Secret Stronghold

– #8 The Demon Zombie Curse

– #9 The Jungle Demon Agramon

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