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Autism: The Autism Spectrum, Explained – From Autism Diagnosis to Autism Care

by Dr. Fred Cremone

“Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It’s that you’re destroying the peg.”

â?? Paul Collins

Do you have a child with autism or know someone with autism?

Have you ever wanted to know more about this disorder and how it is diagnosed?

Do you have a loved one who is caring for a child with autism?

Do you see signs of autism in yourself and others?

Then this book is a must read for you. It covers such topics as the history of autism, what the autism spectrum really means, and how autism is diagnosed. This book discussed some of the tests involved in the diagnosis process. Take a ride into history, looking at how this group of disorders was first observed in the early 1900s and how the research has continued to present day.

Autism is a group of disorders classified by several different types of characteristics. In addition, those with autism may also have autism in combination with other development concerns, such as ADD, ADHD or Tourette’s. In this book, we will explore how all of these disorders come together in the diagnosis process and how doctors define them in relation to autism. Learn about the screening process for autism and how researchers, doctors and therapists are using behavior and developmental milestones to diagnose and treat autism.

Other topics explored in this book include busting the myths surrounding autism, including some potential causes, both real and imagined. Misconceptions about autism are everywhere and this book touches on one of the biggest debates, vaccines and ASD. We also explore how parents can get involved to help their children reach their full potential, while embracing these disorders. The book includes tips for parents on how to work with an autistic designed to give them a specific action plan. If you know someone who has an autistic child, this book will give you some tips on how to you can give them practical assistance.

Autism itself is a complex group of disorders, so this book provides an overview of the disorders that compose this group. Read about how different genetic disorders can increase a likelihood of an autism disorder. It also looks at some current therapies and where the research is headed.

This overview can arm you with knowledge to better understand autism, both for your own family or to provide support to those who are managing these disorders in their own families. Additionally, this book introduces some of the groups that provide support to families with this array of disorders, as well as support research initiatives.

For a quality overview of autism, this book is great place to start for those new to this largely misunderstood group of disorders, while providing a quality foundation for your next steps in researching and growing your personal knowledge base of the autism spectrum.

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BEING A MOTHER: (what nobody tells you!) – Pregnancy-

by Ruth Sturges

This is a â??must-read’ book for anyone planning a family. It makes a good read for established mothers as well, and those whose children have â??flown the nest’.

Motherhood is a huge responsibility, the most important role, or job you’ll ever do. There’s no interview, no job description, and no salary! But it can be fabulous! However, it will also herald the most significant change to your lifestyle imaginable. Your relationships with family and friends will be altered, your ideas about what brings you pleasure, what really matters and where your priorities lie will shift. Most importantly the father of your baby or your parenting partner will notice the differences too.

This book is NOT about childcare. It concentrates on YOU.

Parenting, changes you and your perspective on life forever: going in with your eyes open gives you an advantage. This book attempts to tell you the stuff nobody else tells you!

Families are as diverse as the people who make parents, from large extended groups, to singletons, same sex couples and traditional man/woman partnerships, but you need to be in agreement about the important things, you need to share the role whilst maintaining some independence for yourselves. Hopefully it will show you how not to lose your identity as you take on the role of little one’s mummy.

It is also anecdotal, with the author writing from her own experiences, as well as those of others she has met. She brings humour to many situations, but it is really a book to get you thinking a different way. A book full of stuff so many others leave out. So often, you will hear the phase, â??unless you have kids yourself, you won’t understand’. You will also hear things that no-one seems to say or tell you until after the event. This book tries to reveal some of these things, give you advance warning of issues that can trip you up, unsettle you, or that you might miss if you’re not watching!

It’s meant to be fun as well as informative. Hopefully it will be the first of a series taking the process right through the school years, to teenagers and adulthood.

Parenting: Superdad’s Guide to Parenting: Tips for Empowering Little Humans

by Nicholas Teti

If you are a Dad who worries about losing the respect, admiration, and love of your children as they grow older; then read on, because this will be the most import book you ever own.

I will never forget the day when my daughter was about a year old. I was sitting on the couch as she was toddling around the living room exploring. I was keeping a watchful eye on her when suddenly a surge of love for her filled my entire body. So massive I swear my heart skipped a beat. I had never felt anything like that before. Next within a split second, an even bigger surge of fear came over me that actually brought tears to my eyes. I found myself horrified by the way my parents had raised me and my siblings. I was left without an ounce of respect nor admiration for them. I’m not even sure if I even loved them. The distance between my parents and us kids was immeasurable, as a result of physical discipline and mental abuse starting at the age of four! Broken hearted, I looked at my beautiful innocent baby girl who hadn’t asked to be born. I got up and went to her, picked her up and kissed her soft chubby rosy cheek. I thought to myself, how could parents become real life monsters in the raising of innocent children? In that moment I made a promise that I would never break! I promised my beautiful little girl, every day that I lived and breathed I would always love her, protect her and cherish her. I would never put any distance between our hearts no matter what the circumstances. I sweetly told her I would always strive to be an example for her, a real live superhero!

Ten years later not only have I kept my promise to her, l have also created a specific approach to parenting that continues to strengthen our bond. In just eleven short chapters I present to you all that I have discovered over the last ten years. You will learn how to communicate with your children to create the respect, admiration, and the love you deserve that will last a life time! It’s within your power to become a real Superhero to your children. A Superdad! And yes! All without having to wear spandex!

You will discover:

– How compromise will give you the super power to motivate your children to do the things kids never want to do, like homework, brushing their teeth and cleaning up after themselves. Harness this ability and you will win every time.

– How finding common interests and being interested in the things that they are, will create a loving bond and admiration for you. A bond that other parents will envy.

– How the unexplained word “NO” can negatively affect your children and what you can do to instill the work ethic of a Superhero to make sure they head down the right path!

– How to stop the forming of negative beliefs that could secretly cripple your children with low self esteem and prevent them from becoming a Superhero themselves.

– How to discover the ultimate secret right under your nose that will not only prevent a sliver of distance between you and your children, but bring you even closer together through the dreaded teenage years.

– How to teach your children what they don’t teach in school, that will help them become a Superhero of life!

– How controlling your children unknowingly with their possessions and personal space negatively effects what makes all Superheroes great! Their sense of self determinism.

– How to take a Superheroes approach to disciplining your children that increases respect and admiration for you instead of instilling fear and resentment in them.

So…Do you want to be a Superdad… or not?

Blueberry Lu

by Lisa Goff

Lucy loves blueberries! She especially loves blueberries when they are frozen! However, the colder the berries, the more risky for Lucy’s friends and family. Come with us to discover what happens when Blueberry Lu eats her cold berries.

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