Free poetry Kindle books for 25 May 15

Sleeping with the War

by Melissa Comeau

“Sleeping with the War” is a poetic take on life after combat written by the wife of a United States Marine. Melissa Comeau’s dark undertaking of the lasting effects of war on her husband are apparent in this stirring collection. War is an ever present character in this piece, separate from the Marine who went to battle. “Sleeping with the War” is a difficult read; full of heart breaking accounts from the war and the tragic aftermath of the war that comes home. Melissa’s writing is fierce and eloquent and conveys the fight with in her heart.

A Collection of Poems by a Quiet Girl

by April Donahue

A variety of poems and writings based on subjects from faith to everyday life.

Overcoming Through Christ (My Journey With Christ Book 1)

by Shari Wise

A collection of poems takes you on a journey of a young women finding out just who she is and her search for God in her life.

Clerihews: Sketches and Free Verse by Dan DeWitt

by Dan Dewitt

Over a century ago, the jolly British journalist G.K. Chesterton and his best friend published a book that changed the way authors describe human life and permanently established a new literary genre.

Maybe that’s a little too epic. But it’s mostly true.

In 1905 E.C. Bentley’s book “Biography for Beginners” went to print with short verses accompanied by illustrations from G.K.C.

Each poem begins with a person’s name. The second line rhymes with the first, then another couplet sheds some light on the individual รข?? usually in a comical way. Bentley’s style caught on and the poetic form “Clerihew,” taken from his middle name, was born.

This short booklet is my attempt to continue this tradition.

The man who was Edmund

Lived across the Big Pond

He liked to write poetry

To be illustrated by G.K.C.

Hopefully this example adequately lowers your expectations.

The book includes “Clerihews” and sketches of Francis Schaeffer, Russell Moore, John Calvin, Charles Darwin, Chuck Colson, Sam Harris, and others.


League of Poetry: The Marksman’s Aim

League of Poetry:the Marksman’s Aim is a poem’s collection through which arise my will to underline the poetic aspect of the game arousing in the player smiles and laughs,but also deep reflections.In my opinion,this new perspective of the game is a perfect way to relate fun with culture and knowledge.

ECLIPSE – A War of Words

by Elancharan Gunasekaran

Eclipse is spread beautifully across warring pages and has poetry etched on a backdrop of white. This portrays and brings out the importance of words. Poetry is created using 6-30 words on each page. Eclipse is an illusion, with words added in to bring out the truth of war. People are dying all over the world, war brings out the worst and rarely the best in humanity. Eclipse explores the impact of war, soldiers who have risked their all to save their nations. The psychological and emotional effects of going to war and surviving it. What can be worst, when you are the last man standing among the fallen bodies of comrades and foes? Included in the work is a short story, written in prose, only for you. A story of a man and boy, who meet in the fires of a raging war. This a work of both literary and artistic finesse. Words, photos and stories, are you ready to be eclipsed?

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