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You Can Learn Anything… For Free

by Bradley Hall

We are currently living in the best time in the history of the universe to learn anything you wish to learn in the comfort of your living room for only the price of your monthly Internet connection.

Anything from how to wire electrical wiring through a house and connecting it to your power pole to repairing a problem with your car to learning a new language can be found on the Internet.

While this is a list of sites offering free tools for learning things, these lists are not exhaustive. There are new sites opening up every day. If there’s something you want to learn and you don’t find something here that offers it, odds are someone does, somewhere out there.

The only limit is yourself. What do you want to learn today?

Introduction to Chemistry: Chemical formulae, equations, gas laws and stoichiometric calculations

by Sergey Bylikin

Introduction to Chemistry is the first book in a series of Chemistry tutorials for high-school and undergraduate college students. In contrast to formal textbooks, this tutorial directly answers most common students’ questions รข?? how to write a formula of a compound, balance a chemical equation, solve an elusive problem and ultimately pass the exam or just improve your grades.

Each chapter introduces a simple concept and immediately illustrates it with typical examples and problems of increasing complexity. Answers and detailed solutions to all self-study exercises are given at the end of the book.

Informal and easy-to-follow style of presentation engages students in chemistry, boosts their confidence and speeds up the learning process. In many ways, this series of tutorials is an efficient and inexpensive substitution for traditional face-to-face tuition.

ISIS The Next Generation

by Mary Carew

In today’s world, there is so much information from news reports and government speeches that it confuses the public on who is who and what is what with each terrorist group. Every day we hear another name of a terrorist group in the Middle East and most people have gotten lost in all the information being provided to the public.

The aim of this book is to start an open dialogue on preparedness by coming together as a community to make positive changes for the betterment of all communities with regards to youth and young individuals becoming radicalized and joining ISIS.

One of the biggest issues facing parents today is that they do not know the early warning signs of radicalization. Parents want to know so they can stop their children from leaving to go train and/or fight in Syria and/or come back to commit a terrorist act. Parents love their children and will do everything possible to prevent harm to them. It is painful for any parent

to watch with helplessness. They worry their children are going to be killed.

Teachers, professors and school counsellors have not been given much information on early warning signs or where to turn if they suspect a student at their school; however they are aware that extremists could be in high schools and universities and must be identified before they radicalize youth.

The author of this book has a specialized graduate degree from California University of PA in Law and Legal Studies with a concentration in counter-terrorism. She will try to give an accurate view, based on her knowledge, education and experience. People are seeking information and some answers can be found in this book along with a few suggestions.

This book will educate law enforcement, teachers, parents and community leaders on how they can come together to help one another and have a strong community. There are many valued professionals in law enforcement, schools, emergency management operations, and in different fields of psychology and sociology that wish to help and they along with strong community leaders can utilize their expertise, changes can happen.

The author has captured the main points of terrorism and radicalization. In order to understand ISIS, we need to step back to September 11, 2001 and bring it forward to today and give an analysis for tomorrow. Preparation and strong community involvement is the key.

Road Safety: You trust the government? (Live within reason Book 7)

by Andrew Mather

The government has an obligation to make you safe, or so people believe. It’s a difficult challenge, especially when you crowd millions of people together on a road, mostly untrained, many inexperienced. It would be a challenge for the most enlightened leaders, but government doesn’t elect the most enlightened leaders, it elects those that are best at reassuring you that you’ll get what you want. Then, like any sensible organisation, it looks for the easiest way to reassure you that it’s giving you what you want. Unfortunately easiest is most appropriate. Who they’re targeting and what they’re targeting aren’t designed to maximise road safety. They’re designed to reassure you that they’re doing something. If you want road safety, you’re going to have to insist the focus on what’s necessary and not what’s convenient.

How to be a Leader: Keys to Effective Leadership

by Max Smart

Their are many definitions and theories that attempt to define leadership. Many of these are many words put together to explain the same thing. To put it in the simplest of terms, a leader is someone who guides others to accomplish a specified task. Different people use different leadership styles. This is either naturally or by training. This brings us to another issue people always ask. Are leaders born or do we learn to be leaders? I would say both are correct. Some people are naturally endowed with the abilities to lead others while other people make an effort to learn how to be effective leaders. No matter the case, we can always improve our leadership abilities by consciously making an effort to be better. Leadership is dynamic and different situations and different people will require different skills to lead them. For instance the leadership style used in a military setting is very different to the one used in a corporate setting.

In this book, we shall look at how you can refine your skills and become an effective leader.

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