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A Heartbeat Away: A Novel

by Harry Kraus

When a brilliant surgeon undergoes a heart transplant, her life transforms as she begins experiencing memories of a murder she never witnessed. The residents worship her. Nurses step out of her way. Her colleagues respect and sometimes even fear her. But surgeon Tori Taylor never expected to end up on this side of the operating table. Now she has a new heart. This life that was formerly controlled and predictable is now chaotic. Dr. Taylor had famously protected herself from love or commitment, but her walls are beginning to crumble.  And strangest of all, memories surface that will take her on a journey out of the operating room and into a murder investigation.  Where there once was a heart of stone, there is a heart of flesh. And there is no going back.

Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Inspired by Biblical Women (A Spiritual Journey of Growth)

by Judith Jungman Saadon

Do you wish to fulfill your dreams? Do you dare to experience change?

The women of the Bible come alive as a source of inspiration for you, to help you on the way to fulfilling your dreams and wishes; to pave a road for you to go back on and discover more about the woman you are, about the woman you want to be. The women of the Bible, filled with courage, daring and wisdom, come alive to bring powerful energy to your life’s journey of growth.

Ancient Feminine Wisdom brings to life the stories and voices of nine biblical women, to be a source of inspiration and enlightenment for you. The book includes the stories of Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rachel, Leah, Tamar, Hannah, Naomi and Esther. For every spiritual woman you will find: Her ancient biblical story; a feminine perspective of the biblical woman’s narrative, to open you up to a new feminine point of view hidden in the ancient story; four insights and four imaginative journeys that represent the biblical woman’s growth and allow you to receive guidance from her, to discover her unique secrets and wisdom, to experience meaningful change in your life; and a story of healing from the writer’s clinical practice, inspired by the biblical woman. Ancient Feminine Wisdom will guide you on your spiritual journey toward finding your internal beauty and strength; toward realizing your desires, your creativity, your love for your feminine body and your ability to listen to its wisdom. The biblical women will help you discover that you can dare to say what you think, sound out your voice, be heard, think creatively and rejoice over your womanhood.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Do you let your voice be heard?

Sarah, as a spiritual guide, encourages you to express your voice honestly and clearly, without fearing the reaction of others. She helps you discover how significant your voice is, how vital and blessed is your perspective on life.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Do you feel that you don’t have what it takes to fulfill your heart’s desire?

Leah, as a spiritual guide, accompanies you in your life, showing you that there are different ways to achieve your heart’s desire. Leah shows you that the secret of change sometimes lies in becoming aware of your own gifts.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Is a new challenge lying at your doorstep? Are you afraid? Unsure?

Esther is a spiritual guide, encouraging you to dare, to know that you have the choice to leave your limited space behind, to fulfill your potential, to fulfill your destiny.

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Why Evil Exists: 30 Days Of Preparing For Battle (Logical Beliefs – Daily Devotional With A Daily Bible Verse for Everyday Christian Living Book 2)

by Benjamin Chapin

Be the Imitator of Christ You Are Called to Be

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. ~ Jeremiah 29:11

We as Christians are designed to be beacons of light in a dark world. To be a light, we have to have light on the inside, that’s where “Why Evil Exists” comes in on the second book of the series “Logical Beliefs”. A day by day devotional to help keep you on the right track of preparing and conquering the evil in the world.

Each day features a related bible verse and a little blurb around the topic for the day. A little food for thought to munch on throughout the day. A great way to get your mind centered on Christ is through the scriptures and a daily devotion.

Understanding The Chaos and Destruction in the world

By the End of this Book, you will have…

– A firm understanding of how to be prepared and battle daily

– Discovered the truth about Love

– Taken real steps to accomplishing progress every single day

– A great understand of how evil exists and how to combat

The world is in a fallen state and the world is dark. Be the light in the world that God wants you to be. With short reads every day and a daily bible verse that compliments the day’s focus, you’ll be able to only spend a few minutes reading each day.


The Secret: Law Of Attraction: Beginners Guide, Secrets Of Attraction, More Money & More Love (fulfillment, the secret, Get What You Want, law of attraction, Manifest, attract love, visualization)

by Zac Dixon

The Secret: Law Of Attraction- Beginners Guide, Secrets Of Attraction, More Money & More Love


Do you want to Manifest anything you want in your life? Do you focus on what you want in your life or what you don’t want? Are Your Aware of the amazing power of your mind?

This book is purely on giving you the most powerful strategy that everyone takes for granted but creates your reality. There are certain laws of the universe and once we understand the laws we can use them with conviction everyday.

The Law Of Attraction is all about controlling your focus on what you want to manifest into your life and making it a habit and by doing so you’ll attract whatever you focus on. Haven’t you had times in your life where you are thinking of someone you haven’t seen for awhile and all of a sudden they call or text you? We take it as a coincidence by I believe nothing is a coincidence. We create every moment and by us knowing that we can begin to realize that we are creators of our own world.

Go ahead now and purchase this book and I’ll show you how to start attracting love, wealth, relationships and abundance into your life by using the amazing Secret Law of the Universe.

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