Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 May 15

A Successful Failure: The Complete Series

by Okisha Jackson

This trilogy is about a soldier named Shauna Jackson. She narrates the cautionary tales of her life to encourage others to choose a better path. Shauna has survived painful trials against all odds, and experienced the true definition of betrayal. As she strives to grow in faith, Shauna examines her past and challenges her present to become more than a conqueror through her risen Lord.

Royal Family (Glorious Companions Book 3)

by Summer Lee

A bold Mesopotamian prince. A supernatural enemy. Two beautiful women torn between two ways of life…all brought together in an extraordinary saga of a time and a place aflame with conflict, passion, ambition, love, and the struggle for justice, peace and power.

Millenias ago, when the giants of the Bible, the Nephilim, terrorized the earth, the Royal Family ruled Mesopotamia. Led by King Asher, he accepted the great responsibility to protect his subjects from the bloodthirsty offspring of Fallen Angels. He is aided by his son, Prince Tyro, also of fallen angel blood, but a powerful young man with a righteous heart. Queen Kenana, once a farmer’s daughter, will stand by her King’s side and serve with fierce loyalty and love, against all odds.

With a kingdom at stake and fate of the world in their hands, one Royal Family will stand up against giants.

**Acclaim for the novels of Summer Lee**

“Angel Heart ends with some major cliffhangers, leaving the reader with hope for a sequel to this fascinating book. I know I will be looking forward to it!”

â??Kwips and Kritiques

“Congratulations to Summer Lee for a moving conclusion to a wonderful series!”

â??Wild On Books

“Kindred Spirits is a deeply moving and fascinating look at life before the Great Flood. I loved this book!”

â??J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

“Angel Heart is thrilling, adventurous, and deeply romantic!”

â??Elaine Babich, author Relatively Normal and You Never Called Me Princess

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