Free travel Kindle books for 25 May 15

Thai Language with PRONUNCIATION: Only For The Beginners And Travelers..

by Roberto CKD

In this book I provide you some common words of Thai language which helpful for enhancing your pronunciation. Please don’t consider this book for learning whole language, it is completing a book for the beginners and travelers who want to pronounce the common words of Thai language. Pronunciation of any language is not be same with all peoples, it is different from person to person so from my opinion you should first try the sample then buy this book.

No matter for me because i want to help someone who is trying to improve his pronunciation, Thai language, it may be helpful for you.

The Slacker’s Guide to Stream-Entry: A Journey of Christian Meditation and Awakening to No-Self

by Derek Cameron

Stream-entry is the traditional term for an initial spiritual awakening. In this travelogue, Derek Cameron takes us on a journey from the Pacific to the Rockies, culminating in a realization of no-self.

Top 20 Places to Visit in Italy – Top 20 Italy Travel Guide (Europe Travel Series Book 34)

by Atsons

“Top 20 Places to Visit in Italy” is an easy to use, no-nonsense travel guide showing you the 20 best destinations Italy has to offer. Packed full of interesting and useful information for each place, this Italy travel guide is the ultimate travel accessory for discovering this beautiful country!

Inside Atsons “Top 20 Places to Visit in Italy”:

  • Italy’s top 20 best places to visit listed in order of importance.
  • High quality photos of the top 20 places.
  • Easy to digest descriptions of every place.
  • Essential historical information to provide you with a better understanding of each destination.
  • Recommendations of attractions and activities to give you a better visiting experience.
  • The best places to visit include Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and Naples.

“Top 20 Places to Visit in Italy” Travel Guide features:

  • Easy Navigation: Effortlessly jump from one attraction to another using the interactive contents.
  • Add notes to the guide for a more personal guidebook.
  • Use bookmarks to save your favourite pages.
  • A Map of Italy showing the location of every destination.


There are lots of travel guides for Italy, why should I get this one?

If you are looking for an easy-to-read and straight-to-the-point Italy travel guide, then this is for you. All the destinations listed contain high quality pictures, historical and background information, attractions and activities, and are listed in order of importance ensuring you’ll know exactly which place you want to visit when discovering Italy!

I’ve never been to Italy, will this guide help me?

If you’ve never visited Italy or plan on visiting but don’t know where to go then this Italy travel guide is the perfect starting point. Italy has so many interesting and unique places that it can often be difficult to decide where you want to go. This guide is here to help you with that decision by giving you 20 breathtaking destinations to choose from, with the added bonus of the guide being a top 20 list so you’ll know exactly where to start your journey.

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