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Teaching English with Art! This ebook is a wonderful supplement to any coursebook or extra materials your students may already be using in the English class. It contains 30 speaking and writing activities for classroom use, based on some of the most striking works by one of the most loved American artists NORMAN ROCKWELL, famous for his illustrations. The objective of the ebook is to expose the students to art while teaching English, fulfilling therefore one of the tenets of effective language acquisition: providing a realistic context for the language to be learned and practiced as a means to an end. Your students will love to exercise their English discussing the works of Rockwell This is a proven way to make language acquisition fun and effective by creating in the classroom an atmosphere of interest and motivation. Each activity is clearly correlated to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE (CEFR), and the level is stated next to it.

Basics of Photography: How to Take Better Digital Photographs and Make Money From Them

by irene sheerow

Do You Want to Take More Stunning Digital Photographs and Turn Photography into a Thriving Business?

What’s the need of having a cooler than awesome digital camera if you cannot take awesome pictures with it? I was a lady caught in such a quagmire. I had one of the best digital cameras that money could buy, but my photography sucked, big time.

I decided it was time to change a few things. I enrolled in photography lessons that cost me more than my digital camera, but the results are complete worth it. In just 3 months, I was able to convert my photography skills from pathetic into a thriving business.

You can also improve your Photography Skills

Are you struggling to take better photographs? This simple photography guide will show you how to take digital photographs that actually sell. The book also shows you how and where to sell your digital photographs to transform photography into a thriving business.

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Bloody Raw

by Ross Kelly

A video game becomes real life in seconds before it ends.

DSLR Portrait Photography: Simple techniques how to create beautiful pictures using your DSLR camera (DSLR Photography Book 2)

by Brad Davis

DSLR Portrait Photography

Simple techniques how to create beautiful pictures using your DSLR camera

Portrait photography is a common practice nowadays. One may need to take a photo of a single individual or a group of individuals to express their moods or personalities. However, portrait photography is more challenging as most photographers usually end up getting poor photos. The reason behind this is lack of guides for doing this.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Aperture setting for photographing Portraits
  • Close-up portraits
  • Group portraits
  • Portraits with Blurred Background
  • Brightening day-time portraits
  • Portrait photography mistakes to avoid
  • Shooting Atmospheric portraits
  • Using Flash to eliminate Harsh Shadows
  • How to hold the camera

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Hot Knight – Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Fairy Tale Fifty Romance Love Stories: Boyfriend Bad Boy Girlfriend Good Girl – Shades of Sex (Good Knight Kiss Book 27)

by Michelangelo Free Lance

This is a Cinderella story of how a woman was rescued form a fire after she had fainted, like a Sleeping Beauty character. She falls in love with 3 men and must choose one soon!

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