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Superfood Protein Bars On-the-Go: Easy and Delicious DIY Protein Bar Recipes For Extreme Weight Loss, Energy and Vibrant Health

by Kasia Roberts RN

Save Money and Lose Weight With Easy and Delicious DIY Protein Bar Recipes for Energy and Vibrant Health Today

Superfood Protein Bars On-The-Go is a book designed specifically to rev your metabolism with 25 mouth watering â??bake’ and â??no-bake’ protein recipes to lead you on a path toward greater health and a thinner waistline.

If you ever purchased protein bars at your local grocery store, you know how expensive they are! Protein bars can be a great way to energize before or after a work out, as snacks or even as meal replacements, however, most store bought varieties contain massive amounts of artificial ingredients, which do more harm than good.

Luckily, these protein bars have none of the junk and all of the protein, thanks to the all-natural, energy boosting ingredients like nuts, seeds, nut butters and protein powder. Can’t have whey? No problem. Just swap in a plant-based protein powder instead.

Each recipe outlined in this book delivers nutritional information (calorie count, protein count, carb count, and fat count) and high-quality ingredients, including many Superfoods that are evolutionarily designed to deliver you the greatest “bang for your buck” with regards to nutrition and protein intake.

In addition, many ingredients in this book are organic allowing you to take steps toward eliminating toxins from both your body and the greater environment.

Beyond anything else, each protein bar is fun, vibrant, easy to make, and incredibly deliciousâ??perfect for meal replacements and after-school snacks. Make your bars ahead of time and enjoy them all week whether you’re at the gym or snacking on the go.

Create a different lifestyle for yourself: one with all essential amino acids to help you grow muscles, trim your waistline, and fuel yourself with bountiful nutrition.

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One Pan Wonders: Sheet Pan Supper Recipes That Require Little Effort and Taste Fantastic

by Joseph Martinez

End Cooking Stress and the Big Clean up Mess

Do you stress about cooking and having to clean up a big mess of pans everywhere in your kitchen. It almost makes you want to not cook at all, to avoid the mess. Do you cook with several burners going all at once, making sure that everything is cooked for the right amount of time?

Well, as you know, this whole process can be stressful not to mention the big mess of pans that need to be washed after the meal is over. No one looks forward to that part of cooking.

Well, I’ve found an easier way, it’s called One Pan cooking and itâ??s quite amazing. The following recipes can be created, cooked or baked using only one pan. Yes, that’s right, only one pan.

When you see these recipes, you might wonder why you own so many cooking pans in our kitchen when you can cook so many wonderful easy to make gourmet like meals using only One Pan.

Inside you will find my all time quick and easy One Pan favorites … ENJOY!!

Recipes You Will Discover Inside

  • Chicken and Sausage Bake
  • Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash
  • Seafood Roast
  • Curry Pork Chops and Apples
  • And MANY more!
  • Would You Like to Know More?

    This book contains 25 amazingly simple recipes that are cooked or baked in one pan. Are you ready to cook great tasting meals in no time flat without a lot of mess?


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    An Egg a Day: Clever, Delicious, and Healthy Egg Recipes to Start Your Day the Right Way

    by Francis Brown

    Incredible Egg’cellent Recipes

    Eggs are a good source of protein with 9 essential amino acids. It is one food that people probably eat everyday even without knowing it. Eggs are an ingredient in so many other foods.

    Did you also know that there are hundreds of ways to prepare eggs which go way beyond the ole bacon and eggs breakfast that we all know and love.

    Inside you will find a variety of my egg recipe favorites … ENJOY!!

    Recipes You Will Discover Inside

  • Southern Egg Breakfast
  • Egg and Tomato Pesto Sandwich
  • Italian Frittata
  • Cheddar Quiche
  • And MANY more!
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    This book contains 25 delicious easy to make egg recipes. Are you ready to add a little variety to the way you whip up a batch of eggs?

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    Mason Jar Meals: 50 Creative, Delicious, and Easy to Make Lunch Recipes in a Jar

    by Daniel Christensen

    Pack and Go Lunches in a Jar

    If you’re like me, you are continually searching for quick and easy low cost healthy ways to eat lunch. Too many times we fall into the trap of having to buy fast food lunches on the run. The cost of eating out adds up and is probably not as healthy as lunches we can make at home. And with so many of us on special diets, we need to be able to choose our own ingredients that follow our particular diet plan.

    Well, the solution I discovered is Mason jar lunches. These are easy meals that you can mix up in a Mason jar on the run. Or you can make them the night before and pack them in your lunch bag the next day. The concept is simple. Add ingredients to a Mason jar and bake it in the oven like using bake ware (only in a pan of water). You can also use your Mason jar on your blender to blend soups and smoothies and a whole lot more. Forget the hassle of eating out at lunch time. Make your Pack and Go meals at home.

    Inside you will find my delicious Quick and Easy Mason Jar lunch favorites … ENJOY!!

    Recipes You Will Discover Inside

  • Soup Based Recipes
  • Vegetable Jar Pie
  • Lasagna Jars
  • Mason Jar Cordon Bleu
  • And MANY more!
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    This book contains 50 quick and easy lunch recipes to make in your Mason jar. Are you ready to make Pack and Go delicious lunches at home?

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    Paleo Slow Cooker Diet: For The Busy Person, Super Easy, Healthy, Simple Family Gluten Free Recipes Designed For Your Paleo Diet

    by Thomas E Smith

    Discover the tasty and healthy recipes of the Paleo Diet!!!

    Let’s be honest with each other, you need to lose weight, your embarrassed of the way you look in the mirror. You cringe as you see unwanted weight on your body.

    You’re afraid of the reading your weight on the weight scale, your clothes that you love are too tight or don’t fit at all.

    Obesity is part of your life, and you are afraid you may be fat forever.

    Maybe your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend has left you for someone with less weight.

    Your friends or family members are losing weight, but you are not losing weight, or maybe you are still gaining weight.

    Even the thought of going out in a public place proves to be challenging because you’re worried of people looking, staring or laughing at you.

    You hate the way you look, you’re ashamed and you don’t know where to turn.

    According to sources, two thirds of adults and one third of children battle obesity and overweight on a daily basis. If this trend continues, by 2030, 51 percent of the population will be obese. A frightening fact that affects those who you love and yourself.

    It has also been reported that since the year of 1980, that children and adolescents who are overweight will have nearly tripled!

    Sadly, obesity has been linked to over 60 chronic diseases. It has also been reported that because more Americans die every year from cancer, what is horrifying is that about one thirds of these deaths are attributed to being overweight, poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

    What Is Paleo and How Will It Help Me?

    In a nutshell, the Paleo eats is a way of eating as our ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago. As society has changed, so did our eating habits. In today’s modern world, so much of our food whether it is found on the shelves in our favorite grocery store, or even the meat we spend our hard earn money on, is grossly processed and used to market to the general public.

    We, as the consumers because of our hectic schedule will buy a product because of time schedules to serve immediately, never taking in account the harmful effect it may be taking on our bodies on a daily basis.

    Our Paleo slow cooker diet gluten free recipes are out of this world.

    Our Paleo slow cooker diet recipes are scrumptious and easy to make recipes for you and your family, perfected in a slow cooker that will be enjoyed and create memories that could last a lifetime. Imagine coming home to a delicious smelling household as you will be embracing a scent of gluten free slow cooker meals designed to help you lose unwanted weight, naturally, safely and delightful to every bite. Each chapter highlights the different meals of the day. It’s Paleo for beginners.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • In this gluten free diet cookbook, you will learn first-hand of elementary recipes that are paleo slow cooker meals that are simple, and healthy and can easily be made in very little time and waiting to greet you the moment you come home from a long day. Inside this Paleo slow cooker book you will get the information you need to start your path to a better life style free of processed foods, and you will begin to feel better.

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    Mediterranean Recipes for Vegetarians: Quick and easy recipes to live longer

    by Sarah Reed

    This book combines the goodness of both Mediterranean recipes and vegetarian diet.

    The Mediterranean diet includes the high intake of whole-grains, fruit and vegetables. It includes the use of good fats such as olive oil and nuts, avocado and seeds. It also includes moderate intake of fish and seafood, small amounts of dairy and very little amount of meat limited to few times a month.

    Enjoying a Mediterranean diet, together with healthy lifestyle habits can ensure that you live longer, healthier and happier.

    Being a vegetarian and enjoying a Mediterranean diet is easy, as there are many recipes that exclude meat, are full of nutrients and simply delicious.

    This book includes recipes for vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians.

    This book contains:

    8 soup recipes,

    10 pasta recipes,

    8 salads recipes,

    7 fish and seafood recipes

    7 stews, vegetables and more.

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    Beach Body Fast: 37 Workouts To Get Your Beach-Body Fast, See Results In 2 Weeks!

    by Linda Westwood

    From the Best Selling weight loss writer, Linda Westwood, comes Beach Body Fast: 37 Workouts To Get Your Beach-Body Fast, See Results In 2 Weeks!. This book will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health!

    If you feel like you need to give your weight loss a kick-start…

    If you feel like you’re ready for a full-body transformation…

    Or if you’re just sick of working out and seeing NO results…


    This book provides you with a 37 workouts that will have you transforming your entire body

    Are you ready to look and feel slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years?

    Then check out these workouts, and start transforming your life TODAY!

    Paleo Diet: 150 Chicken Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss & Healthy Eating (Low Carb, Poultry, Healthy Dinner Recipes)

    by Ashley Peters

    Savor 150 Chicken Paleo-Packed Diet Recipes to a Healthy Body!

    ***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!***

    One of the healthiest diets to emerge in recent years has been without question the Paleo Diet. Whether you are new to the Paleo Diet or have been following it for quite some time, this book is a perfect guide for you to become a lighter, healthier version of yourself! As you peruse the pages, you will see over one hundred Paleo chicken recipes that are not only easy to prepare, they are also delicious.

    No matter if you are looking to whip up a quick, healthy lunch, or need a more substantial yet light meal to cook for dinner, this book has everything you need to jumpstart your Paleo lifestyle. What could be better than a deliciously filling chicken dish, prepared with the freshest and healthiest of ingredients? Take a look through the recipe book and you will certainly find out!

    Check out the amazing recipes below!

    – Paleo Honey Lemon & Rosemary Chicken

    – Paleo Sundried Tomato Chicken Squash Pasta

    – Paleo Minty Chicken & Butternut Squash

    – Paleo Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Cups

    – Paleo Thai Chicken Stuffed with Sweet Potatoes

    – Paleo Spicy Coconut Honey Chicken

    – Paleo Crispy Chicken Dippers


    Live well and live longer with Paleo Diet:

    150 Chicken Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss & Healthy Eating

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