Free fantasy Kindle books for 26 May 15

VAMP RISING (By Moonlight Book 1)

by Evie Ryan

Death is only the beginningâ?¦

When Gwen Keller arrives in the Cascade Mountains, ready for the long weekend ahead, she knows she’s out of her element. The steep terrain, crisp mountain air, and rugged wilderness are nothing like Seattle’s state-of-the-art amenities she’s accustomed to, but that’s the point. She wants an escape from her grueling career as a high-powered executive and the hectic lifestyle that comes with it. She needs time alone, just her and nature,so that she can come to terms with the diagnosis that’s looming over her head: Gwen will not live long.

Brandon Scott notices the city slicker the second she sets foot in his neck of the woods and he isn’t pleased. The way she wrestles her tent poles with a clatter, stomps noisily through the brush, and sings aloud through trails she has no business hiking sets his teeth on edge. But the longer he studies her from afar, the harder it is to deny she’s piqued his interest. Her curves, the short mop of blond hair she tosses with a smile, and the perky pep in her step has him curious about her, if not intrigued. Does she have what it takes to survive in his territory? Would his inner wolf scare her off? Maybe she’s the oneâ?¦

But the opportunity slips through his fingers when he finds the lone hiker dead at the bottom of the ravine.

There’s only one way to restore her to life and it isn’t to make her like him. An ancient favor is called in, and the mysterious woman is saved. But what she’s become is destined to destroy him: a vampire.

Brandon must tame her darkness if he wants to win her heart, but Gwen is torn between the vampire life and that of werewolves. She must choose before time runs outâ?¦

The search party is closing inâ?¦

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