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Special Forces: The Elite US Green Berets

by Eric Adams

The Elite Green Berets!!

The Green Berets or Special Forces of the US Army often gets confused with Navy Seals or Army Rangers, but they are a unique independent Force.

In military circles around the world, they are known as the lethal quiet professionals.The don’t have the same high profile in the press as some other special operations units, but that is how they prefer it.They move in the shadows and are one of the best special forces groups in the world.

They are experts at unconventional warfare and work in small teams that are experts in a wide range of skills.They are not just trained in reconnaissance and combat tactics.They are specialists in diplomacy, culture, languages, politics, psychological warfare and disinformation.

The Green Berets work independently and are under command of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)

This book is for young men or anyone interested going to the army and joining a Special Forces Unit like the Green Berets.This book is not for military historians or ex- military guys looking for new info.If you are a historian or ex-military, please buy another book.This book is not for you, there are other books more suited for you.

The work of the US Army Special Forces are Highly Secretive and dangerous.Let’s take a closer look at the Green Berets.In this book, we will focus on the following areas:

  • Who Are The Green Berets?
  • The Role of the Special Forces
  • Special Forces Operator Skills
  • Skills You Need to Become a Green Beret
  • Special Forces Training
  • Their Role Against Terrorism
  • Recent Operations
  • Who Joins the Green Berets?
  • Why the Green Berets are the Unique

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