Free humour Kindle books for 26 May 15

The Wedding Virus and Other Snippets

by Natalie Shell

The Wedding Virus is a term that describes how all things love and marriage seem to spread like a virus across groups of friends and women regardless of location or status. Candid, fun, optimisticâ??and at times, down right embarrassingâ?? this book offers an insightful look into topics of love, engagement, weddings, sex and other scribbles about women.

Designed to be read in bite-sized pieces, much as you might eat candyâ??as little or as much as you can stomachâ?? Natalie Shell’s debut collection of short stories and anecdotes is a must-read for anyone who has ever wanted love or caught and survived the wedding virus.

When? (50+ Questions to Ask)

by Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D.

When do you cry?

When do you become serious?

When do you wear shoes?

When did you learn the value of time?

When are you curious?

This book was created to make you think about when you complete certain activities. Each day we complete many tasks without thinking about why we have a scheduled routine. Thinking about time can also bring back memories. In the future you may think more about why you choose a certain time of the day to complete a task.

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