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Worthy Is the Lamb

by Ray Summers

A dynamic study on the book of Revelation, Worthy is the Lamb has become a classic text for serious Bible students everywhere.

The Love Yourself More And Rejected Romance Box Set: Become A Magnet For Love And How Rejection Can Change Your Life For The Better (Love, Manifesting,Rejected Romance, Series)

by Michele Gilbert

Book # 1

Can I Ask You A Question?.

How Can You Have Love When You Don’t Feel Love….For Yourself!

. By learning to love yourself, you can achieve emotional well-being and open yourself to the love of others.

You must learn to purify your life of negativity, remove unhelpful influences, and reprogram your mind to better achieve a state of self-love. You will learn strategies for accepting who you are as a person. You will learn to apply strategies to invest in your own well-being. These strategies will help you learn to be the person you always wanted to be.

Most importantly, by utilizing the strategies in this book you will learn what it means to love yourself.



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Book #2

Do You Want To Know The Truth About Rejection?……

It Can Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To YOU!

Rejection is terrifying, no matter what form it takes, at school, at work, at home or at play. It shakes our conviction that we are worthwhile, valuable, wanted: if it continues, it shatters confidence long-term.

Rejection!.How Rejection Can Change Your Life For The Better is about finding yourself through rejection, whatever form it takes. Everyone suffers it, sooner or later, because the perfect world doesn’t exist.


  • The Reality Of Rejection
  • Transforming Rejection Into An Opportunity
  • Short And Long Term Solutions
  • Practicing Introspection
  • When You Still Care
  • Celebrating Your Strengths
  • Addressing Your Challenges

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If you expected the rejection or not, there’s a physical reaction which is incredibly unsettling…

It can affect your concentration, your memory, your ability to think clearly, your appetite, and your ability to sleep…

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SWB Children’s publishing branch specializing in helping your very special child learn. These books increase cognitive development as your child’s ability to learn and solve problems improves with reading.

This amazing first colors ,shapes , and numbers book helps your child learns his/her shapes ,colors , and numbers in a fun and entertaining way. It is filled with photographs and large, easy-to-read text. This book starts to help your child build the platform for continued growth and development.

Fearless Family Vacations: Make Everyone Happy Without Losing Your Mind

by Sally Black

If we’re lucky, parents only get about 15 chances to create lifelong family vacation memories with their kids. You want to give your kids the world but overwhelmed Moms and Dads need help sifting through the millions of vacation options for families. You worry about everything when it comes to your kids. You simply want the best vacation at the right price. We all know, if the kids aren’t happy, no one will be happy…and there are no “do overs” for a bad family vacation. Think of this book as your tour guide that will lead you to the perfect family vacation. It offers insider tips for creating exciting and affordable vacations just like the pros. Here you’ll find detailed ideas and information for all types of families with kids of all ages. With the right information, you can be fearless when traveling and confident your kids will grow up with awesome memories of the vacations they spent with you.

Sustainable Food for the Globe: Everyday People Producing Food In Abundance

by Norma Burnson


At a time when so many people are full of doubt and questions, it is refreshing to meet everyday people who have come across problems and solved them with rather creative solutions. In this book, stories of everyday people take us all over the world, and brings us all kinds of insight. Meeting kindred spirits along the way, who share their knowledge and passion, they motivates us to find and develop our own inner gems.

You will read about Salma Kamal, and the importance of Kitchen Gardens. And there is Deborah Manning who shares her system of rescuing wasted food, by redistributing it and creating a tasty meals that provide food and humaine substinace to those in need. You will meet everyday people that are empowering themselves, by actively securing healthy food production to nourish not only themselves, but their families and the global community as well. We see how our future pioneers, the children, thrive as active participants within the community and thus paving the way for respect and honorable stewardship of the limited resources given to us by Mother Earth. I hope these stories will bring you happiness and joy and a little inspiration as well. You might even smile and take a few minutes to share your own stories your families and friends. I’ll make sure to include as many stories of your stories and bits of wisdom on my blog and newsletter. Email me, [email protected]

Everyday with Autism: An activity book for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Shenon L. Mager

This is an activity book for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This book would be a positive resource for children, parents, and teachers who work with children with ASD and would like to help those on the spectrum to feel more comfortable with their disability.

Preparing your child for the road: Includes Guardians of the Secret (Live within reason Book 4)

by Andrew Mather

How many hours does your child spend learning French? How many hours have you dedicated to teaching them road safety? Peak risk for a pedestrian is at age 12. It is an absurd spike in KSI (killed and seriously injured) just as children start to go out into the world. And the biggest cause of injury or fatality is simply failing to look properly. The biggest issue in road safety overall is failing to look effectively. The biggest issue in pedestrian safety is pedestrian failed to look properly. The biggest issue in pedestrian failed to look properly is not learning to cross the road. It is never forgetting ever, for the rest of your life, to look properly. In this work, I try to highlight key issues that may impact how a parent goes about informing and training their child for the road. Will it help? I won’t know that, probably, ever. If any parents find it useful, and their children make it to being grandparents themselves, then I guess the answer would be yes, maybe. But with the government’s attention elsewhere, I felt it would be churlish not to try. There is a very different book for those willing and able to handle in depth examination of road safety from an experienced driver’s perspective (Experience Counts). This book, here, which includes a potential children’s book (Guardians of the Secret), is not a ‘let me help you’ warm and fuzzy book. It addresses the worst possible nightmare for a parent, and attempts to provide a rational understanding of road risk for that parent. It may not be what you expect. It is my best effort as an analyst to appraise you of certain issues that have a bearing on road safety, in particular that of the parent and child. It may not be comfortable. It is however as honest and direct as I can make it. Anything less would be an abrogation of my desire as a human being to inform where issues are skewed or inappropriate. Call me old fashioned or bizarre, but I do think there is still a niche for telling an unvarnished and uncomfortable truth, if it is in the service of the individual. Whether the reader agrees, or finds it useful, I can only leave to the reader to decide.

Choosing Home: 20 Mothers Celebrate Staying Home, Raising Children, and Changing the World

Eloquent and inspiring, this book is a powerful collection of personal stories of mothers who chose to give up or forego their careers in order to be stay-at-home moms.

Potty Training In 2 Days: 10 Effective Steps To Make Your Toddler’s Training Easy And Fast: (Potty Training Boys, Potty Training Girls, How to Potty Train, … weekend, potty training in less than a day)

by Adrienne Clark

Potty Training In 2 Days

10+ Effective Steps To Make Your Toddler’s Potty Training Easy And Fast

Potty training is an intimidating subject for any parent, new or old. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first child and first time potty training, or if you have taught many children to potty train; it is a new experience every time.

This book is going to be your handy guide in this process. Offering easy to follow, practical tips that are fun and effective, potty training is going to be fast and simple.

This book is written to help everyone, no matter what your child’s learning style is, or whether you yourself know what to do. This book has something to offer you.

Included are several tips and tricks that are:

  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Inexpensive
  • Stress free!
  • With this simple guide, your child will be out of diapers in no time, and you will have peace of mind that it was a fast, fun, and easy transition for both of you!

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