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We Who Are About to Die

by Jerome Brooke

We Who Are About to Die is a collection of poems.

The collection is published with the text of the bonus book Mirage and Selected Poems.

The poetry of Jerome Brooke has been extensively reviewed. REVIEWS have said:

“…poems that create images of the cycle of history. The world of the paleolithic, the age of knights and castles, and the End Times. The world will begin anew, and all will return, endlessly. The poems of Jerome Brooke have been described as: ‘Savage and barbarous … intricate and complex … horrific. …talent, interest, and clarity of diction (Joseph Hart. — Isles of Myst Review) …the poems remind me of ancient primeval legends … . The imagery is active and personified (Joseph G Phillips. — New Mirage Quarterly)…A terse series of quatrains which evoke the cold and dark realms … of the Ice Age.’ (Carol Hamilton, New Mirage Quarterly). His work is: ‘A timeless tradition of honor, bravery, and romance. … tales of mediaeval warfare … spell-binding. Charming and seductive … . (Lorraine Tolliver, New Mirage Quarterly). The work of the poet has images of: ‘Battle, victories, defiance, perseverance ring melodiously throughout the pages … . The victor within us all prevails. (Paul Truttman, Western Archipelago). The poems are: ‘Primitive, barbaric, spare, austere, but eloquent … frightening. The images .. are savage. The poems are exciting and moody. (Joseph Hart, Isles of Myst Review).

Female Life in Poetry: Spanish and English Bilingual Poetry

by Bev Pogreba

Soulful poetry exploring the emotional highs and lows of falling in and out of love, the need and longing to grow up fast, the revelation of mistakes made and the knowledge that is gained in the end. The poems are in English followed by translations in Spanish.

Suitable for all ages. A great gift for poetry lovers and a good study guide for creative writing, literature and English and Spanish classes for high school and college level.

Beautifully translated by Liliana Ducoure’ Caro following English version.


by Eskay Cee

World play, is using the art of word play to create a real world message. If you can follow along with the play on words you can tap into something unheard of! It is a deep message that everyone is not going to understand right away, if ever! It takes knowledge and wisdom to overstand the message. If you like to challenge yourself and enjoy word play and poetry. This short book is great for you!

If you like to question life, and why things are the way they are? This is up your alley!

This is WORLD PLAY, using the words of our world to play with the mind and not take a “L” because when the world plays with words we all Lose!

The Love Experience

by Ali Said

Ali Said was born in Fez, Morocco. In high school he mastered French Literature, and then went on to graduate from The Institute of Technology of Hotels and Tourism. And from there he got the unique opportunity to travel to at Orlando, Fl to be a part of the Disney’s Epcot center team.
Although he enjoyed his career, he held a secret passion in his heart. At nineteen he fell in love for the first time and discovered a hidden talent of expressing his emotions through poetry.
Today, Ali is a devoted and loving husband and father. He has two children and is married to Author April Thomas. Together they write books, poetry, and are raising a happy family.

Reverie: Hope, Sin & Rage

by Wilmer Escovar

Reverie is the first part of a series of fantasy stories written as poetry. Hope, Sin & Rage entails the journey of the stout one, the rightful king that thinks himself unworthy of ruling after achieving a coup d’état against his brother.

He leaves on a journey of self-discovery across the lands of Faval to gain a name for himself and become worthy of the admiration of his people through impossible odds, while at the same time uncovering the secrets of the power thrones and a plot to eradicate all humankind.

Reverie is a mixture between poetry and regular narration, they complement each other, but the details and interpretations are left to the eyes of the readers.

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