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Fluency Secrets: Learn English Quickly and Easily (Learn Quickly and Easily Series)

by Nicholas Gee

Learn English Quickly and Easily

Learn To Speak English Like A Native

Popular international English teacher and Private school headmaster in Japan for 16 years

Learn how to speak fluently and correctly.

“Fluency Secrets is actually a good read with useful ideas and tips that will help you learn how to learn English not only fluently but also correctly. ”

Jan Heart

“Would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants to learn/brush up on their English or has someone in their household who needs those skills. ”

Karen Ruggiero

“Nicolas Gee provides suggestions that are pretty easy ways to improve your speech. ”

H. Y. Taylor

Help you to get a better job

Communicate more effectively and with confidence

Improve your social life

Expand your social circles

Make friends with people from different countries

Change your life

This guide will help you change your routines and set up new systems to learn English quickly and easily.

Learning English should be fun, and I will show you how.

About The Author

Nicholas Charles Gee is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, author and teacher. He started his first business at age 30, teaching English at his own private school in Japan. He taught in Japan for 16 years. Nicholas then decided to share his knowledge and experience of teaching he learned along his journey to becoming a financially independent entrepreneur. Today, he makes books and video courses. Nicholas is the founder of, an online English school. Nicholas is also the founder of Mason Hill Press, an independent publisher. Mason Hill Press specializes in marketing non-fiction authors to help get their message and stories out to millions of readers all over the world. Nicholas lives in Dorset England with his wife and son. You can learn more about Nicholas and the online school at

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Let’s Count, Math Concepts for Preschoolers: Introducing The Concept of Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Numbers

by C Ingram ECE

Counting to Ten, Twenty and Beyond. . . . .

Introducing Preschoolers to the Concept of Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Numbers

A colorful counting book for preschoolers. Emphases on counting from one to ten with added exercises in counting from one to twenty, and beyond. The concept of adding numbers, subtracting, multiplying and diving numbers is introduced using colorful images. Easy, fun way to improve a child’s counting abilities.

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59 synonyms with the letter V: Bite size learning (literacy series) (MRA literacy series Book 1)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

Bite size learning (literacy series)

An atheist technically would live a life without meaning, without a true purpose… (words 3743): Genetics disproves evolution. (1)


Genetics disproves evolution. Chances of coming up with a functioning protein by chance is, equal to 1/10 x 164, 1 in 10 to the power of 164

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