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Attack Anxiety: A Quick Strategy Guide To Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks and Take Control of Your Life, Panic and Anxiety Relief, Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life,

by Brenda Storey

Finally, Your About To Discover Powerful, Proven Techniques That I Have Successfully Used To Rid Panic & Anxiety Forever<./h2>

The time is NOW! There is no better time to start learning these rock solid proven techniques and strategies for attacking anxiety and panic so that you can live a normal happy fulfilled life!

Suffering my first anxiety attack at age of 15… Horrific, there’s nothing worse than the unknowing of what causes these brain malfunctions. It was a scary time for me and it wasn’t until I finished my psychology qualifications that I really started to understand and develop techniques and strategies to overcome this awful mental condition.

Let me walk you through my simple system, and get you out of your world of chaos and confusion into a world of peace and prosperity today!

Identify The Triggers That Are Really Setting Off Your Attacks

Empower yourself by learning what triggers off your panic and anxiety attacks. When you learn these triggers, it will help your mind figure out subconsciously what is truly happening and may even prevent an attack from happening at all.

How This “Primal” Instinct” Could Be Affecting Your Way Of Living

Designed to protect us, this instinct is key to anxiety and panic attacks. Learning what it is and how it affects you will give you a head start and teach you how your body reacts to certain situations.

7 Prevention Techniques You Can Use Every Day

You know what they say “Prevention is better than Cure” using a couple of these strategies daily will give your brain the medicine it needs to re wire itself. It can stop anxiety all together and in worst case scenarios reduce severity of the attack

Retrain Your Brain With These 4 Strategies Every time You Feel Anxiety Coming On

These strategies will help reduce anxiety and panic attacks and will start to train your brain not react to the “primal instincts” that bring on the Panic Attacks.

Call In The “Heavy Mob”, Don’t Go At It Alone…

I’ll show you who the which professionals are best to talk to, natural remedies, alternative medicines that will lead you to a happy fulfilling life.

About the Author

Brenda has qualifications in Psychology and has been a sufferer of anxiety. She suffered her first anxiety attack at 15 years old. Having studied anxiety she now knows it from the outside. Having suffered it and experienced it personally, it gives her insights that not every author can talk about. Combining both of these perspectives and knowledge into into this concise, easily digestible strategy guide to help you as she has tried and tested them on herself and other long term sufferers. They are simple, easy to implement,and continue to work for her over and over again. So grab your copy today and test them out… what’s the worst that can happen?

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The Rock Book (HC Picture Books 39)

by Ben Holden-Crowther

The Rock Book, is a collection of pictures of rocks and stones from around the world.

The pictures within the book have been specifically licensed so that they can be used by anyone royalty free.

Save the Monarch Butterfly

by Kenneth Eade

You can save the Monarch Butterfly

From the #1 Best selling author of “Bless the Bees” comes the definitive solution for saving the beautiful Monarch Butterfly from extinction.

Be a part of the solution

The beautiful, stained glass wings of the Monarch butterfly used to be a frequent sight in North America.  Now, unfortunately this majestic creature is threatened with extinction due to environmentally non-friendly agricultural practices which have all but destroyed the breeding grounds in the route of its fantastic 3,000 mile migration route. Learn the simple ways you can help save the Monarch from extinction, while at the same time learning how to save mankind.

The Monarch Butterfly can’t speak for itself, but it is trying to tell us something

The Monarch is an indicator species.  Endangerment of an indicator species is an indication of something terribly wrong in our environment. Scientists say that we are on the verge of a Sixth Mass Extinction. The last mass extinction was 65 million years ago, with the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

Saving the Monarch is saving ourselves

The same things which threaten their existence; habitat destruction, pesticide contamination, climate change and lack of biodiversity, are the same things that threaten our own.  Learn simple ways to help save the world as we know it.

Here’s what others are saying

  1. I like this book; it’s condensed, and quickly and easily identifies the problem areas and points out what must be done if we are to be saved.
  2. The Eades have authored a compelling narrative about these vital creatures and their imminent extinction.
  3. An amazing purchase. We’re super happy with this.
  4. Fine service; a book with very important information everyone should read !


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