Free sports Kindle books for 26 May 15

Golf Tuition – An A to Z of Easy Golf Tips

by Michael Worth

This book is a collection of easy to follow golf tips. The tips cover most main topics in improving your golf game, from driving off the tee, enabling you to play straighter and more consistent shots on to the fairway. The book explains how to hit shots to your maximum distance. It includes iron and hybrid clubs, chipping, pitching, bunker shots and putting. Reading these sections in an A to Z format means that you can turn to the particular tip that will help you.

Essential Trout Flies: 15 Flies Every Trout Fly Fisherman Should Have in Their Fly Box

by Patrick Daniels

For hundreds of years Fly Fishermen have been throwing their hair and feather flies to trout.

In these years many Fly Fisherman have improved of the flies they tie, passing down their successful patterns to new generations.

That is what this book is aboutâ?¦ Flies. But not just any fliesâ?¦ The most effective flies ever to grace a stream, river and stillwater.

These flies are guaranteed to catch you more fish.

You don’t have to take my word for it, ask any avid fly fisherman, and they will guarantee my claim.


Because they use them too.

The flies that are essential to every Fly Fisherman’s fly box are in these pages.

These are the flies that are most effective, since the birth of Fly Fishing.

Grab a copy today and understand what fly fishing effective and productive flies is all about.

These land trout in all situations, from lakes, to streams and rivers.

Fifteen essential flies that you need in your fly box and on your next trout fishing excursion.

Do not wait, the trout are feeding.

Are you prepared?

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