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Alice the Drunken Cow: Growing up in the company of animals and other stories.

by Charles Loomis

Very few people today can claim they were born and raised on a dairy farm.

Surrounded by animals as small as baby chicks and as large as cows and horses was a wonderful way to begin life. I have wonderful memories of those days. The stories in the beginng of this collection reflect those days. Later stories reflect my knowledge of life as an adult and as a contributor to society. They were all pleeasurable to write and re-live.

THE QUEEN OF MEAN: The Conversion of a Cold and Prejudiced Heart

by Ariele M. Huff

True stories of suffering immigrants and refugees coming to the US, and their challenges here. Folktales and myths highlight the cultural differences. A story with a fantasy twist, The Queen of Mean features a bureaucrat who comes to empathize with their struggles in spite of her prejudices.

Chemo on the Rocks: My Great Alaskan Misadventure

by Rebecca L. Durkin

Chemo on the Rocks is a shoreside seat on Rebecca (Becky) Durkin’s great Alaskan misadventure. It highlights the hilarity and heartache of a young girl who finds herself marooned in Ketchikanâ??fondly known as “The Rock”â??where she remains on her self-imposed Alaskatraz for almost thirty years. Chemo on the Rocks is witty, inspirational, satirical, and sometimes terrifying. It is a mix of pain and laughter as Becky walks the IV gauntlet, trailing behind the unfettered back end peeking through the drab hospital gown of the man shuffling before her. Chemo on the Rocks is a hard-fought battle in the fallopian trenches where Becky wages war on ovarian cancer–the ultimate wedding crasher–as it invites an entire medical team into her honeymoon suite. She slays the cancer dragon and has two children in defiance of the beast, but just when it seems life has returned to normalcy, she prematurely crashes onto Mount Hysteria and wanders aimlessly through the Hormone War Zone in the Land of the Ovary Snatchers. Everything about having chemo on the rock was made more difficult by Becky’s fears of boating and flyingâ??the only escape from the islandâ??which became more terrifying with each trip to Seattle for surgery or testing. Chemo on the Rocks showcases the many parallels between sea adventures and cancer adventures, such as doldrums while awaiting diagnosis, the skull and cross bones of chemo, the bitter end of a failed marriage, tying the knot of another, listing dangerously, and perhaps a return to navigable waters.

The Accidental Citizen-Soldier

by Young Chun

The Accidental Citizen-Soldier is the story of Young Chun, an American who traveled to South Korea to teach English, only to be barred from leaving the country and forced to serve in the Korean Army. He knew very little of the language and practically nothing of the Army culture, but he somehow managed to come out the other end of the two years relatively unscathed. The two years took him from the Korean countryside to Second Army HQ to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and back again.

Marked Card: Power Play in The New England Mafia (Rogue Mobster)

by Mark Silverman

An updated and slightly enhanced variance of the original Marked Card: Power Play in the New England Mafia. The original Marked Card has been ‘out of print for since 2010. Due to popular demand, Mark has re-published Marked Card. Mark Silverman lives in Medford, Massachusetts. Scott M. Deitche is the author of several true crime books, including Cigar City Mafia: A Complete History of the Tampa Underworld, and has been featured on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, and various news and radio shows for his expertise on organized crime.

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