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Ruin Me Vol. 1 (Secret Seduction)

by C.J. Thomas

The first part of Ruin Me: Secret Seduction, a five part series by CJ Thomas.

Kim Vogel’s life is easy. She has a great family, a world class education in what she loves to do, friends who support her no matter what and she couldn’t ask for anything more. Sure, she has to work hard, but that’s fine by her. Best friend, Vi, thinks she’s missing out in the relationship department but Kim begs to differ, keeping to herself and remaining a virgin all through college.

With graduation day just around the corner, she’s excited for what the future holds. And she’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of her parents to show them the life she’s created with their distant support. But a life changing call from her mom leaves her in limbo, unable to figure out how to go on, or how to help them when they’ve given her so much.

Jackson Morgan believes his life is perfect. His little sister, Liv, is one of his best friends, he owns his own company which comfortably provides for him everything he wants and plenty he doesn’t. Liv encourages him to settle down and create the perfect family like she has, but he’s riding the wave of success and is happier with relationships that last no more than three dates.

His conversation with Liv works its way into his personal life and decides to take a risk there, rather than just in his professional life. So when his path crosses with Kim’s at this turning point for both of them, neither of them see what’s coming or what it can mean for their futures. But each holds the key to the other’s happiness, if only they can see past their own insecurities and fears.

== > Please note that this story ends on a cliffhanger and parts 2-5 will be released two weeks apart.

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