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PATHS OF HOPE: The Dark Hawk Serie Volume 1

by Breonna J. Bliss


A hopeless fate

Merciless persecution

A desperate struggle for life and freedom

Massachusetts, 1723

The young Scottish girl, Gwenyth MacDonnell, is accused of high treason against the British Crown. She is to be deported to London, where her execution awaits her. When the man-of-war Gwen is sailing on is heavily damaged in a storm, and has to seek harbor in Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife, she is able to escape. She finds refuge with the gallant but devious businessman from Marseilles, Jacques Ferrier. But safety is deceptive, as not only are her henchmen at her heels, but even her rescuer seems to have his secrets, too.

The ebook has 82, 000 words as well as an excerpt from THE HEART´S DARKNESS with 4, 500 words. THE HEART´S DARKNESS is a spin-off novel and tells the beginning of the story.

The following novels in the series have been published:

THE EART´S DARKNESS – a Gwenyth MacDonnell spin-off novel

PATHS OF HOPE – Volume 1 of the historical romance series, “The Dark Hawk”

Both novels are complete in themselves and can be read independently, in any order.


If you want to learn more about Breonna J. Bliss, you can meet Breonna on the Internet:

Or send her an email. She values the communication with her readers and is happy to receive a feeback.

Mail Order Bride: Two Beautiful Mail Order Bride Stories: A Clean Western Historical Cowboy Romance (Inspirational western collections)

by Victoria Summer

Two Clean & Sweet Mail Order Bride Stories

Mail Order Bride Lorraine’s Reluctant Cowboy…

Lorraine Madison is not running away from home, but rather towards the adventure of a

lifetime. Suffocated by her upper class society, she answers an advertisement for a

mail-order bride. After corresponding with Luke McAllister for several months, Lori feels

that they will be a good match and agrees to come west and be a rancher’s wife.

Luke McAllister has been alone for a reason. There is a shortage of women in Colorado

in the mid-1800’s and he feels content alone. However, the arrival of Lori Madison

throws everyone on the ranch off kilter. With her lack of housekeeping skills, quick wit

and sharp mind, she is an exciting addition to the ranch.

Forces beyond either of their knowledge create a kink in the plan. Will Lori be able to

adjust to a life of labor and will Luke be able to accept what could be the greatest

blessing of his life?

Glorious Companions

by Summer Lee

Boxed set of five bestselling Summer Lee novels, including:


Betrayed by her mother, eighteen-year-old Kenana is sold into marriage to the elderly Prince Jubal of Mesopotamia. Dutiful Kenana determines to make the best of the situation, honoring her wedding vows and fulfilling her wifely responsibilities to the elderly prince. However, she cannot help but wish for what might have been â?? especially when her strikingly handsome Guardian Angel, Malluch, returns to her life in a very corporeal form, serving as no small distraction.


With the passing of her elder husband, nineteen-year-old Kenana finds herself queen of Adah â?? and heavy with child, a child who may or may not be human. Born of daughters of man but sired by fallen angels, the Nephilim are powerful creatures â?? powerful and often evil. Raped by such a fallen angel prior to her husband’s death, Kenana is tormented by the thought of what may be growing inside her. And as she is about to give birth, Kenana receives some unsettling news: a massive army is gathering, an army determined to remove her from power, an army composed of mighty Nephilim warriors â?? and led by a traitor. Only one man can stop the coming destruction, the true king of Mesopotamia, a man who also happens to be her true guardian angel.


A bold Mesopotamian prince. An incredible, supernatural enemy. Two beautiful women torn between two ways of life, two ways of love. All brought together in an extraordinary saga of a time and a place aflame with conflict, passion, ambition, love, and the struggle for justice, peace and power. With a kingdom at stake and fate of the world in their hands, one Royal Family will stand up against giants….


A young princess raised in seclusion. A seductive angel with a secret agenda. The world before the Great Flood â?? a world speeding rapidly towards its own destruction…unless one family rises up and confronts a devastating enemy. As worlds collide and the forces of good and evil meet in a final epic battle, two people will discover just how far they will go for true love.


What does surfing, basketball, girls, best friends and a gang of bullies all add up to? A whole lot of fun for Brett Buyer and his Beach Angel. Meet Brett Buyer. He’s on not one, but two basketball teams, which he juggles while falling in love with a very cute surfer girl named Brenda â?? all while dealing with Chopper Cruz and his Porter Street Gang of punks. Brett Buyer is about to learn the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, and what it means to stand up for what you believe in. That is, if he can survive the eighth grade.

(With a clickable Table of Contents.)


“The story ends with some major cliffhangers, leaving the reader with hope for a sequel to this fascinating book. I know I will be looking forward to it!”

â??Kwips and Kritiques on Summer Lee’s Angel Heart

“Congratulations to Mrs. Lee for a moving conclusion to a wonderful series!”

â??Wild On Books on Summer Lee’s Kindred Spirits

“Kindred Spirits is a deeply moving and fascinating look at life before the Great Flood. I loved this book!”

â??J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

“Thrilling, adventurous, and deeply romantic!”

â??Elaine Babich, author Relatively Normal and You Never Called Me Princess

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