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Traveling Through History: Civil War Sites in Natchez and Vicksburg, Mississippi

by Marcy Ruesch

Are you interested in U.S. history? Do you like to travel? How about combining the two? In Natchez and Vicksburg, Mississippi you get to do just that! This book describes the excursions of travel writers Marcy and Jon Ruesch as they explored this country’s Civil War-era history in some amazing locations. Learn about the pre-Civil War homes in Natchez, the remarkable items on display in them and the semi-annual Pilgrimage of Homes in which many of them are open. Then travel the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway between Natchez and Vicksburg, and discover the history that still lives there. Finally tour Vicksburg and its National Military Park, and relive the fascinating Battle of Vicksburg from the perspective of both the soldiers and the townspeople.

While writing about their experiences, the authors also provide practical suggestions for you to use when you travel to these locations. If you’re planning a trip to this part of the country, or if you want to learn what this area has to offer for your future travel, this is a must-read book.

Inside Hitler’s Germany

by Chris Mann

There have been numerous histories of World War II and many analyses of the Nazi Party. But what was it like actually to live under the Nazi Regime? Inside Hitler’s Germany attempts to answer this question. This book looks at all aspects of life under the Nazis, including during the early 1930s, when Nazism brought economic benefits and before the full horrors of the racism at the heart of the regime were revealed. The role of women and children in the Nazi state, the changing face of popular culture and high art, the position of industry, the part played by the army, and the integration of the Nazi Party itself into German life are covered in full. Important questions, such as the attitude of ordinary Germans to racist policies and the nature of the German resistance to Hitler, are also addressed.

Chris Mann is a lecturer in European history at the University of Surrey and University College, London. A holder of a doctorate in war studies from King’s College, London, his author area of expertise is Scandinavian military history in the twentieth century, specifically during World War II. He is the author of Norwegian Armed Forces in Exile 1940-45 and The T-34, and co-author of Inside Hitler’s Germany. He currently lives in London.

The Life Of Harriet Minty Tubman (Freedom Fighters Book 2)

by Stacey Thompson

Click here to get your copy of “The Life Of Harriet “Minty” Tubman. This book takes us back in time to the 1800’s when slavery was being practiced. Harriet’s life unfolds with a great deal of physical abuse as well as mental slavery. In spite of her circumstances she fought the good fight of faith and became an overcomer.

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