Free humour Kindle books for 27 May 15

Zilla’s Revenge: The Fight With Enderzilla and Zombiezilla

by Innovme Media

A mining novel based on Enderzilla and Zombiezilla. They team up to defeat famous Sky and SSunde. Who will win in the final battle?

Amazing Minecraft book for kids and all Minecraft fans.

If You Stick it, They Will Come (Has-Been Series (short story #2))

by Kristin Leigh Jones

The adult industry has a lot of seedy characters, hell, I was used to that I came from the streets of L.A. My name? Rod Stick. I’m known as the hottest guy on pay per view.

Flashback with me to 1994, and find out what the small peckered boy wonder, aka Ting Tang Tony did to win me over. Sure, most people usually met at school, or working at a boring 9-5 jobâ??not everyone can say that they met their best friend while working a girl over home plate, and all while getting paid to do it. I don’t know what made me stick my neck out for this kid, but I knew he was a good person after a short round of jokes, and seeing how he treated people–more importantly the other women on set. It took a real man to be one.

Tune in to this Episode and see how it all began.

Minecraft: Legend Of Ender Colossus (Part 1) (ENDVENTURES SERIES Book 20)

by Ender King


Legend Of Ender Colossus Part 1

The untold legend of Ender Colossus revealed for the first time!

Steve has made it to the End, killed the Ender Dragon and brought back the Dragon Egg trophy. Indeed, it’s a perfect day for an adventurer like him.

But what IF, it’s a mistake of killing the Ender Dragon? This isn’t a normal egg, it might hold a magnificent species or portal to another dimension!

Follow the adventures of Steve and discover the ancient legend of Ender Colossus!

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To Avoid Spoilers, please read thisâ?¦

Part 1: The Brine Brothers: Herobrine Vs. Enderbrine

Part 2: Chronicle Of EnderSteve

Part 3: Ender War: EnderBrine and White EnderDragon vs. EnderSteve and EnderDragon King

Part 4: Legend Of Endermen

Part 5: Legend Of EnderSpider

Part 6: Legend Of EnderSon

Part 7: Legend Of Ender Ocelot

Part 8: Legend Of Ender Wolf

Part 9: Legend Of Ender Queen

Part 10: Legend Of Ender Zombie

Part 11: Legend Of Ender Bunny (Part 1)

Part 12: Legend Of Ender Bunny (Part 2)

Part 13: Legend Of Ender Skeleton

Part 14: Legend Of Ender Prince

Part 15: Legend Of Ender Pig

Part 16: Legend Of Ender Chicken

Part 17: Legend Of Ender Creeper

Part 18: Legend Of Blind Enderman (Part 1)

Part 19: Legend Of Blind Enderman (Part 2): Birth Of The Ender Bat

Will Miracles Never Cease: A Funny thing happened to me on the way to Heaven (Miracles Schmiracles Book 5)

by Alan Dolit

The fifth book to help the reader wake up to his/her reality in a joyous way.

Parade of the Plastic Men

by John Garforth

A comedy novella about big business in the late 90s. Four middle aged men have been victims of the mergers and restructuring which are the norm for multinational companies, and they join forces to subvert the system.

Dr. Howey’s Random Story Generator: Three fairy stories about… vegetables! (RSG Book 2)

by Dr. Howey

Dr. Howey’s Random Story Generator creates stories using an amazingly complex and mind-bogglingly clever algorithm that will usually create silly things. This results in some really fun, wacky and unique stories that would not have existed otherwise.

This book contains three short fairy stories about vegetables especially put together using the Random Story Generator, and are all completely different(ish)!


1. Turner the turnip fairy’s fabby magic spade saves the fantabulous Big Turnip Dig

2. The curious incident of the magic leek fertilizer at the Leek Show

3. The mystery surrounding the Big Vegetable Mash Up

THE RESCUE OF RAMÃ?N: (Children’s Book)

by Roman Duck

Saving Private Ryan meets Toy Story.

A commando team of jigsaw pieces try to find their fellow M.I.A piece named, Ramón. While searching all over the house for him, they finally find Ramón in the dreaded Attic, but before they can reach him the team must confront several obstacles, including a terrorizing cat, a strong but emotionally frightened ally named Super Bear, and a box of ultra scary Halloween Decorations.

Light- hearted family fun for all. (Text only)

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