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Love: …it’s like glitter for your soul! (The Nurtured Woman Book 4)

by Kathie Holmes

Loveâ?¦it’s like glitter for your soul! is the fourth book in the best selling,

Nurtured Woman book series and without a doubt it has become the most

profound of all the books. It takes you on a journey of discovering the various

types of love we can experience together with our Authors’ own personal

experiences of love at every level.

This book is a must read for women from all walks of life. Our Authors have provided their own

personal accounts of the different types of love and this book showcases their poignant,

if at times raw, stories of love through friendship, relationships, parenting and more.

Women sharing life experiences to help other women on their journey through life.

Baby Milestones: An Essential Guide for Knowing What to Expect the First Year and Tracking Your Baby’s Development

by Madeline Randall

If you have a newborn baby – or one is on the way – then this book is for you!

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One of the most wonderful things a parent gets to experience is watching their baby grow and mature. And if you’re a first-time parent, you certainly want to keep track of your baby’s growth and development, especially in his early years of life. Many new parents are unsure of what to expect during their baby’s first year. There are important phases in your baby’s development that you need to pay special attention to; and if you’re knowledgeable about these milestones, you’ll be able to optimize his development and help him hone his full potential. You can also use the milestones to check whether your baby’s progress falls within the norms.

Monitoring your baby’s development goes beyond simply observing, feeding, and attending to his needs. This book will provide the necessary information you need to keep track of, specifically during the first year of his life. It will also provide you with valuable pointers to keep track of your baby’s progress during crucial developmental stages. In this book, you will find clear guidelines of milestones at each stage of your baby’s development during his first year including: a list of immunizations; food; sleep; communication; weight; height; motor skills; and bodily functions.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What to Expect During Your Baby’s First Month
  • Milestones for Months Two and Three
  • Milestones for Months Six through Nine
  • Milestones Beyond Nine Months
  • What to Expect After One Year
  • Assessing Your Baby’s Major Milestones (a Chart)
  • Tracking Your Baby’s Development
  • Much, much more!

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Teenager Anxiety: How to Stop the Anxiety and Experience Emotional Breakthrough

by William Frederick Cohen

**** Free on Kindle Unlimited ****

Does your teen often shut themselves away from social activities and complain about having to go out alone?

Does he or she constantly put themselves down and behave irrationally when it comes to failing a test or making a social faux pas?

Then, your teen might be suffering from anxiety! Get help with TEENAGER ANXIETY NOW! 

Anxiety can show up in the early years, but it can also hide for a long time until it is revealed in the teenage years. This is because teens are less able to control their emotions due to their hormone levels rapidly rising and dropping, as well as physical changes to the brain that are occurring.

If you notice that your teen is acting strange or withdrawn for you, you may want to talk to them about how they are feeling in a gentle manner. This book will teach you how to:

  • Recognize the signs of a teen experiencing anxiety.
  • Talk with your teen about how they are feeling.
  • And make the home a less stressful environment so that your teen will feel safe and secure, which will enable them to better handle stressful or anxious events elsewhere.

Remember, your teen is going through this because they lack coping skills during a very sensitive time during their life. Never make them feel that they are different for being afraid of a situation, and never make a joke at their expense. While humor can be helpful in these situations, it should never be directed at your child.

So if you are ready for your teenager to get out of the house, experience more social events and not be so critical, then try reading this book to figure out how you can help them!

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The must know beginners guide to Baby planning: Falling pregnant & contraception, (planning for a healthy baby, what to know before child birth, prevent infections, pregnancy care, healthy baby)

by Ben Thomas

The must know beginners guide to Baby planning

Today only, Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to…

What this book is all about.. You will find all the necessary information which helps you create the best opportunity to conceive a healthy baby, You will benefit from this book greatly if you are planning pregnancy, or have unexpectedly become pregnant. As you will be shown the best possible methods to plan and have a healthy child birth.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The best strategy for getting your mental health in order for a baby
  • Top ways to help conceive
  • Guide to what a womans health should be
  • Guide to what a mans health should be
  • The mans role in baby planning
  • Best methods for avoiding infections & diseases
  • Much, much more!

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Dating Relationships: Why HE Can’t Find YOU?

by Abigail Stanners

Dating Relationships – Why He Can’t Find You

By Abigail Stanners

This book touches on several key dilemmas present in the mind of most single women as go through the process of finding a lifelong mate. Answers to questions addressed include, “what do men look for in a woman? Where do I find good men? Why women love bad boys? How to identify your dating personality style? What went wrongâ??when relationships go bad?”

There are main insights explaining how to up your game so HE can find YOU:
– Introduction
– What A Man Looks For In A Woman
– How Women Select Menâ??The Real Truth!
– The Best Place To Find Suitable Single People
– How To See Your True Partner
– Identifying Your Dating Personality Style
– Breaking The Ice And Testing The Waters – A Woman’s “Don’ts” of Online Dating
– 3 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid
– Online Dating Safety for Women
– Nice Girls Do It, Too!
– Online Dating For the Single 30 Something Woman
– Online Flirting – A New Art Form
– 2 Ways To Keep The First Date Conversation Flowing
– Why Women Love Bad Boys
– Winning The ‘Dating Game’ Every Time
– Why You Know He Won’t Ring You
– What Are the Odds of Finding Mr. Right Online?
– Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist!
– One Sure Fire Way To Mess Up Any Date
– What Went Wrong? – When Relationships Go Bad
– Does Your Current Relationship Require A Tune Up?
– Conclusion

A great look into how women can help themselves fall deeply into satisfying loving relationships, “Dating Relationships: Why HE Can’t Find YOU!” is full of great advice and solid insights to help every woman on her journey to finding true love.

Raising Your Child: A Guide For Parents with Infants, Toddlers, School age & Teenagers

by Ben Thomas

Giving You A Complete Guide For Those Early Stages In Your Childs Life

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book will provide you with a solid foundation on how to raise your child. It draws from several theoretical and practical resources compiled by both psychologists and parents. This foundation is invaluable to first time parents and is a refresher for parents, who want to update their knowledge with the latest trends in parenting.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Different Parenting Styles
  • Key Foundations To Raising Your Child
  • Fulfilling Baby And Toddler Needs
  • Risks To Avoid
  • What Your Child Will Need, Physically, Emotionally & Mentally
  • Solutions For Your Child During School Age
  • Dealing With Your Child In The Teenage Years, What To expect

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How to Connect With Someone

by Camilet Cooray

At some level, we all want to connect with other people. But just because we want to connect with someone, doesn’t mean that we automatically know how to do that.

In this book, author discusses us how to transcend the separation inherent in our physical plane and bridge the gap between ourselves and other people.

New Baby

by Elizabeth Ash

Brian had just heard the worst news ever – he was getting a new baby sister. He tried to think of something worse than a new baby, but he couldn’t think of anything. Giant sea monsters taking over his city would be better, he decided. So would flying pigs eating his favorite breakfast. Okay, so maybe those were some silly thoughts. Still yet, Brian did not want a little baby sister around!

How To Teach Your Kids To Swear: 3rd {Times A Charm} Edition

by Kim Lunansky

Teaching your kids to swear is something that constantly comes up in parenting conversations. Once they start picking it up it is the unmentionable subject that never goes away.

Common issues are covered that come up for every family, like children swearing and tantrums in the middle of the grocery store. Easy relatable situations are used to address resolutions for problem behaviors and possible outcomes all in a whimsical fashion.

How To Teach Your Kids To Swear begins with the age old question, should parents teach their kids to swear or is it better to forbid those nasty words. How do you decide what you are comfortable with as a parent and how exactly do you navigate through the swearing and teaching minefield without offending people. It also addresses the differences in parenting styles from a more conservative parent that would shelter their children from situations in which swearing would be seen or heard, to the more liberal parent who feels an open door is the best policy. We see not only how those differences clash but how sometimes they play off each other successfully.

This is a “feel good” parenting book approved by Psychologists and Childcare Industry professionals. Today’s family will enjoy this fun self-help title and put it into action instead of on the shelf.

As a special feature the book also comes complete with a curse word acronym glossary to help parents better understand the lingo teens are using today.

Parents will get the objectivity they are looking for, enjoy a good laugh and find their happy parenting place – raising kids is like a great comedy that can be enjoyed every day!

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