Free poetry Kindle books for 27 May 15

My Heart Whispers

by Mariposa

A book of romantic poetry penned by Mariposa .

Love and Rain: Poems of the Way

by Barry Graham

“Food on the plate,

tea in the cupâ??

say your thanks.

Say it to the sunlight,

say it to the rain.”

Barry Graham’s second book of poetry may be read as a collection of haiku and tanka, or as one long Zen poem.

The Goodies on Her Tray: A collection of poems

by Shelly-Ann Harris

There is an enduring question that women across the world grapple with, generation after generation – “Can we have it all?” Can we find the love of our lives and start a family while maintaining good friendships, developing a thriving career, accepting ourselves completely and ultimately live a fulfilling, happy and sane life? While this generation leans in to the conversation, poets who are sensitive to women’s rights and issues are constrained to observe, reflect and share some of the vicissitudes of this search for contentment.

The Goodies on Her Tray is a collection of poems that walks the lanes and alleys of this journey with compassion and honesty; giving voice to the assortment of circumstances in which women find themselves while exploring key issues around happiness, relationships and beauty. This collection also reflects on both the â??spirit-filled’ and vexing undercurrents of Jamaican culture and history.

Yellow Sky

by Mark Kinnaird

The old factory had long since been picked clean… all that remained were smoke stacks and towers. Sometime ago it became art.

This is what is born from ruins.

I remember my first dance with the first girl to break my heart.. Our foreheads touching…one last gesture of innocence…

In an antique store in Louisville, Kentucky, I found a picture of a surveyor on the banks of the Ohio… the black and white picture had yellowed from the decades– but he was focused, locked in on some by gone present.

For the Tarnished Soul: When the Fabricated Language of Love Has Stained the Innocent Heart.

by Max Ryan

A heart-breaking re-telling of a childhood trauma that continues to live on today. This is a poetic interpretation of a young man’s journey from a childhood of sexual grooming, to a new found freedom of faith in Jesus Christ. His struggles are still very real, especially concerning sexuality, but he finds the good in life more so than he ever has before. This is a journey depicted in the hope that people of the same upbringing can find the same freedom he did.


by S.E. McKenzie

‘The Stare’ is S.E. McKenzie’s fifteenth epic poem which explores power of the stare.

One Second

by Fam Kundeva

One Second describes different colors and shades of a person’s soul, different emotions and perspectives. You can find various expressions of pain, sadness, beauty, joy, hope, love. We have all been through stuff we find hard to explain and felt emotions nobody else could understand. Have you ever felt pain so big that everything good in your life became distant and unreal in less than a second? And have you ever found disappointment that killed all of your joy? Life is beautiful, but sometimes our eyes cannot see it because of the blur born from tears. At one moment we feel like we want to live forever, like one life is not enough for us to do the things we love doing, and at the next moment one action makes everything fall apart and we feel tired, without any desire to live.

Life is extremely short, but every moment and every feeling has its charm. No matter how hard it is, we should try to smile more and see and feel the beauty in this world. We should do all the things that made us feel better before and the things which have even the smallest chance to make us feel good again. There are many things we can enjoy and plenty of beauty out there waiting for us to open our eyes and to see it.

Some of Fam’s poems are born only from her imagination, others – from her life experience. Poetry sounds beautiful, no matter how sad or strange it could be, and rhyming is something that gives the author comfort and relief.

Well, the sun is going down again

I think of all the pain in this heart of mine

But when I go back and you ask how I am

I will tell you “thank you, I am fine”.

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