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Preparing for Marriage: What To Do Before (And After) The Wedding

by Jim and Teresa Adams

Whether you’re in a relationship now or want to be in one, you have come to the right place. We can help.

The average couple spends $25,200 and over 250 hours on their wedding. That same couple spends less than $100 and two hours on their marriage. Don’t be guilty of having a BIG wedding and a BAD marriage. Don’t spend more time focused on the ceremony than the matrimony. The wedding, while a tremendous celebration is designed to last less than a day in most cultures, while the marriage is designed to last a lifetime.

Dating, engaged, married (happily or unhappily), or remarried, if you follow this resource, it is guaranteed to help you make the right decision about marriage, prepare you for marriage, or strengthen the marriage you are already in. Teresa and I have been working on this manual all our married lives – not because we are really slow writers, but because this manual is the compilation of everything we have learned in our personal lives as a married couple for 30 years with four children – boy do we have some stories to tell – as well as our professional training.

This book is a compilation of what we have seen work and not work in more than 20 years of practical application working with dating, engaged, married, and remarried couples. We developed this system out of necessity. We used another manual for more than a decade until it was literally no longer available. We looked for other resources, but never found one that fit our style and that really resonated with the couples we were coaching and counseling. Finally we decided to develop our own.

We completed the first draft of this manual in 2010 and started using it in our weekend intensive sessions where Teresa and I meet with a couple for approximately 10 to 12 hours from Friday afternoon through Saturday (all day). As we used this tool, we have been constantly writing, rewriting, and adding as questions and issues arose that we did not initially include in this resource. We would often leave the counseling room that Friday, come home, and add or modify a section based on a situation we saw or anticipated seeing the next day in the intensive. Though we have never made this tool available to anyone other than the couples we have personally worked with, our clients have urged us to share this resource, as they were genuinely moved and changed by the information contained herein. What you hold in your hands is the result of this process. This product was not developed in a classroom, using a lot of relationship theory, but rather forged in the crucible of real-life situations and circumstances. This resource is just the beginning of your journey through Relationship Success University.

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The Japanese Art Of Decluttering Your World – Understanding The Ancient Principles Of Minimalism And MA…: Magical Life Changing Words for Organizational, Decluttering, and Tidying Up Skills !.

by DubC Haynes

The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering Your World – Understanding the Ancient Traditional Principal of Minimalism and MA….

Don’t you just love coming into a well-organized living Space with all the things that you love in perfect order.

Isn’t it a wondrous feeling when you’ve eliminated all the clutter in your home?

Just walking into a room with a low or total lack of clutter allows your most prized possessions to stand out.


The art of de-cluttering your world using Japanese influence is best described by the term Ma

Ma is the void that exists between all things.

By using negative space, you are giving things a place in existence that allows them to stand out on their own, and therefore have greater meaning.

Emptiness is not a void, and should not be viewed as one.

Emptiness is full of possibilities and should be embraced.

Much like an empty canvas has the potential to bring any array of emotions to life; the emptiness of Ma can be used to produce any emotions or conditions you wish.

In this consumer-driven world, the idea that less is more often feels counter-intuitive.

Advertisements and media-driven frenzies teach you that in order to truly be happy you need more, more and more.

Few think to consider if the excessive amount of belongings they acquire add value to their lives.

People often purchase products that are not useful that are often relegated to a life of collecting dust in a dark corner of a closet without even being aware that they are creating clutter.

Suddenly, an avalanche of forgotten purchases attacks them when they open a closet door, and they sincerely wonder how they acquired so much junk.

This is the lack of “MA”

When you been a little stressed from one thing or another, you enter into your nice clean organized space and are overwhelmed with a feeling of utter joy.

This feeling is a piece of mind created by MA that every one of us yearns for.

In Japanese for the peace of mind you feel is called, “heijoshin”

In this book, you will learn the valuable Japanese Art of Decluttering Your World and Life, you will learn about the way of the minimalist.

You will discover the essence of the Japanese aesthetic which looks at the void that exists between all things.

This void, full of possibilities yet to be fulfilled, is the Japanese concept called MA. Pronounced “maah”

The Japanese minimalist view is when an area has too much clutter, it’s not because there are too many things, but the pressing down feeling that you get is because there is not enough MA.

If you are wanting harmony in your home and you want to now more about MA and the minimalist philosophy, THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

This is the book for you!!!

So Scroll Back Up and Click Buy!!!

You Will Be Glad You Did!!!

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Beyond Words & Machines: Transcending Democracy, Capitalism, and Technology (Emericus Durden Philosophy Series Book 2)

by Emericus Durden

“While we may consider ourselves wise enough never again to worship human beings appointed to royal and religious leadership roles, we nonetheless fall into a collective trance at the mention of nonhuman idols like â??scientific evidence,’ â??market efficiency,’ and â??majority rule,’ failing to grasp the limitations intrinsic to those ideas because we fail step outside of them – thus the need for a method like skeptical nihilism whose fundamental purpose is help us transcend the very things we cherish out of fear and ignorance.”

In Beyond Words & Machines, Emericus Durden offers a long-form introduction to his controversial work of radical philosophy, Aiming Higher Than Mere Civilization, as well as a free-standing essay on the practical value of his philosophical method, skeptical nihilism.

THE SECRET Behind ‘The Secret’: A Step by Step guide to apply LOA in real world

by Hemansh Kapoor

– Learn the Secrets of Getting the Universe to Actually Respond

– Find Out Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work!

– Discover the Law of Attraction Map to Success

– How to NOT just Manifest Once or Twice but Everyday and Forever!

– Specific Decisions That Will Change Everything for You Guaranteed

– Learn the REAL STRATEGIES to Attracting What You Really Want

– Understand Why You Are Not Succeeding with The Law of Attraction

– Identify Where You Are Sabotaging Your Own Success

– How to Take It to The Next Level and Manifest Even More

– Learn The Secret Of Surrender

– How to Live the Law of Attraction Everyday

– What actually The Law of attraction is.

This book will explain you the true meaning of Law of attraction. The Techniques mentioned in the book have helped millions of people all over the world to reach their dream.

I you understand and follow exactly what the book says, you will definitely achieve all your dreams.

The Book is short, concise and to the point. The Book can be read even by lazy readers.

“One Fast Decision; Can change your entire life”

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