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Spanky The Little Spider: A Tale Of Courage (Books for Kids, Children’s Books For Kids Aged 3 – 9, Bedtime stories, Kids Adventures, Illustrated For Kids)

by Albert Zimmer

A Tale Of Courage For Kids

Children’s Book For Kids Aged 3 – 9

This book contains lifelong lessons that children can learn from the main character, Spanky the Spider.

Join Spanky the Little Spider as he journeys to find the Great Web to become a bigger, stronger spider. Learn from his mistakes, triumphs, and reflections. In his travels, he will meet the sassy bee Beatrice, the Keeper of the Sweetest Honey, Gregory the Siamese cat, and Tammy, the cute little sparrow and is Gregory’s best friend. This ragtag band will make you laugh, cry, and wish you were Spanky instead.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Spanky and Granny’s Stories
  • Spanky Triumphs
  • How to Learn About your Mistakes
  • Reflections To Tell Your Kids
  • Much, much more!

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Breath The Invisible Power behind Health and Beauty: A Coaching Journey to Wholeness

by Shant Joti Maréchal

Breathing is our most vital physical function. Without breath, there’s death. Beyond this basic survival tactic, however, there exists a means for tapping into your personal strength and inner beauty. Breath: The Invisible Power behind Health and Beauty offers creative mind-setting exercises that allow you to include breath in your conscious life style as well as maximize the power of your own breathing, and therefore improve all aspects of your life: spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and physical.

With a basis in Eastern philosophies, Breath: The Invisible Power behind Health and Beauty is grounded in thousands of years of meditative practices. The book includes a forty-day breath-coaching plan that incorporates short readings and clear instructions. There are discussions of the various facets of meditative mindfulness: presence, stillness, detachment, stability, self-authority. Maréchal has a unique, holistic view of health, and even suggests ways to improve your diet through the new mindset that results from a disciplined practice of this coaching.

Breath: The Invisible Power behind Health and Beauty is a guide to better know the way your thought process affects your life. It helps clear patterns that clutter your mind and replace them by another that is favorable to meditation. Even seasoned meditation practitioners will find new and effective ways to positively channel breathing.

Helicopter Check-Ride: Do you need help preparing?

by Kenny Keller

Welcome to Helicopter Check Ride! This represents nearly 20 years of hard work, experience and determination when there was many times I wanted to just give up! I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts with you about what to expect in this book. First, it’s interactive. There are lots of opportunities for you to go deeper in the content, gain access to free training videos, blogs and podcasts, participate in live events and register to get updates to this book as it gets expanded and I correct the inevitable errors, grammar and spelling mistakes, that are bound to be in here.

ABC’s For You and ME

by M.S. Johnson

Are you looking for a vibrant ABC book for your little one? If so this title is a must have! Written by a former teacher, this book will teach your child his or her ABCs while the awesome illustrations keep their attention. Read this with them daily to build their language skills.

Voiceover Masterclass | How to Read Scripts, Edit Audio and Deliver Your Own Professional Voice Overs: Learn from My 40 years Experience as Professional World Renowed Voiceover

by Peter Baker

All of us hear professional voiceover artists regularly every day. TV and radio commercials, cinema trailers, in store promotions, telephone announcements.

Voiceover artists get paid well for doing what surely is a simple job…after all, it’s just reading isn’t it? But the purpose of a voiceover is to get information across…and an experienced professional voiceover can often command thousands of dollars per script, Could you be a voiceover?

Yes, the Voiceover Masterclass can teach you everything you need to know from just getting started, voice techniques and audio editing through to using the power of the worldwide web to multiply your income many times over, legally and honestly!

In this book I’ll be covering:

How to interpret and read scripts

Creating character voices

Scripts for you to practice

Sight reading scripts

Fast and efficient audio editing

Emailing clients and potential new clients

Encourage clients to visit your website

Finding work such as Audio Book Narration

How to save $1000’s on studio equipment

Editing your recordings

And as a free bonus I’ve also created 4 training videos for you covering:

These Include:

The life of a voiceover

Top 3 Mistakes New Voiceovers Make

Script Interpretation & Character Voiceovers

Top 10 Tips for Voiceover Websites

You can use your new voiceover skills for sales and affiliate videos, instructional videos or choose to provide your own voiceover service and get solid regular clients from all over the world and work at your convenience from your own home studio if you wish.

I’m Peter Baker, a UK based voiceover, a former BBC news announcer and ITV Granada presenter and the voice of literally thousands of commercials, training films, phone prompts and promo presentations for clients in most countries of the globe…

And I’d like to help you in your own voiceover business whether you’re a complete beginner or you already provide voiceovers, what ever level you’re at I’m sure you’ll find great value in the tips and techniques I provide. This is the first in a series of books I plan to release so please let me know your thoughts so far under the free videos I have included.

Thank you,

Peter Baker

So lets get started…

Easy Scrivener Formatting for Your Kindle Short Story

by Abby X. Ward

Do you need simple– and I do mean SIMPLE— instructions on how to format your short story using Scrivener? This is the guide for you!

Do you have a short story you’re ready to upload to Amazon? Is formatting the only thing standing between you and publication?

Don’t let people tell you that you need to learn how to write code. There is no reason to struggle with HTML or complicated formatting guides to format a simple short story. There is an easy way, and this is it!

I’ll talk you through this whole formatting thing like a friend, telling you exactly what buttons to push, what font sizes to use, and all the other super basic information that everyone always skips! I’ll even tell you the trouble spots to look out for!

We’ll create a simple sample project together, step by step– from opening Scrivener to compiling a mobi file ready to upload to Amazon!

If I can do it, you can do it! It’s so much easier than you think! Let’s do this!

I succeed, You succeed, We succeed- Using success stories in school (The KatomCoaching series- everyday coaching for educators)

by Gilli Beskin

The more I coach in schools, the more I realize the benefits of coaching in creating significant change and in promoting educational systems
The more people in school work, using coaching skills, attitude and coaching tools ,the more the momentum of improvement and change accelerates –
Dr. Gilli Beskin

As an educator you may have had your share of rough times in school and of frustrating professional experiences. This book, however, will highlight your great moments instead.
Using this book you will focus on educational, professional and leadership success; your own success, school managers’ success, teachers’ success and that of students and classes as well.
The book presents you with examples and highly effective activities and ideas for sharing your successes and learning from them with colleagues.
The collaborative, uplifting experiences suggested, when assimilated into school work, lead to an everlasting spiral of improvement, creating performances of excellence in your school

Dr. Gilli Beskin is an Israeli educator who has been coaching in the field of education as well as researching the subject for the last 12 years. Her doctorate was also dedicated to “Coaching educational teams towards higher levels of performance”.
Dr. Beskin has worked in dozens of schools with principals, mangers and teams of teachers. She teaches the subject in teacher’s college as well.

Picking Up Japanese Visually ã?? Vehicles

by Murakami Publishing

Picking Up Japanese Visually is a flash-card-type learning material designed to help you efficiently pick up Japanese words.

This edition covers the names of all kinds of vehicles.

A picture with blanks is shown first, here you can guess how many letters the stuff on the picture has, you can then turn the page to the answer. The same picture with Japanese letters in the blank spaces will appear.

Self-Prepare the GMAT: All the tips and ideas you need to know to self-prepare successfully the GMAT (What I wish I had known before starting to prepare for the GMAT exam Book 2)

by John Wesley

Self-Prepare the GMAT: Here you have all the tips and ideas you need to know to self-prepare successfully the GMAT!

What to do before the exam, what to do during the exam, how to think during the exam, material to bring, recommendations for books, how the scoring system works… but avoiding useless ideas and/or expensive plans or books: studying for GMAT should not be expensive and it is possible to self-prepare!!

This is what you will find in this short book: all I wish I had known before starting to prepare for the GMAT exam.

Good luck… I hope you can crack the GMAT!

John M Wesley (MBA)

Summer Fun Activities Mini-Book

by Debra Haagen

Ready for some seasonal fun?

Complete these activities on your own paper.


All The Me I Want To Be: Quick Course (Leadership Book 1)

by Michael Deem

Leadership and success need more than beliefs. This quick course is part of the “Leadership Series,” that provides tools to become a leader.

In Volume 1, you will discover your individuality, personality traits, and information on how to hone them into leadership skills.

This course is short and quick, but the resources are lasting!

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