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CHRISTIAN ROMANCE: The Similarities God Had Planned For Us Were Meant To Be CHRISTIAN ROMANCE (Christian Romance, Contemporary Christian Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian Books)

by Mildred Dennishire

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Jamie scrambled to put the deviled eggs in a container. She was going to be late for the church picnic. She had been looking forward to it for so long, it would be a shame to miss out on even a second of it. They were going to have Pastor John playing his acoustic guitar and singing hymns as they ate, and games for the children and even some for the adults. It was the highlight of every year.

This year they were going to a park where they could even go white water rafting. It was going to be a thrill, and if she was late she might miss her chance. She jogged out the door, locking it behind her, and jumped in her car. She sat the deviled eggs on the passenger’s seat beside her and started the car.

As she drove, she listened to the Christian radio and sang along, grateful to God for the chance to spend such a fun day with so many wonderful people.

She had to admit to herself that she had always had a crush on Pastor John. He was a kind, comforting, caring man, and not bad to look at either. Of course, she wasn’t sure if her feelings were appropriate. He didn’t have a clause of abstinence or anything like that, but still, she was conflicted about whether or not she should keep her feelings a secret.

She had always chosen silence though, and it seemed to be the best route for her. That was okay, she didn’t need to try very hard to keep her feelings to herself. She had heard other women chattering about what a handsome man he was, and had never participated in those kinds of conversations. It made her sick to her stomach the way they laughed about him like that, as if he were just a commodity for them all to ogle and enjoy at their leisure.

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Tags: Christian Romance, Contemporary Christian Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian Books

WARNING DISCLAIMER : Adults 18+ Only . All Characters depicted are of the age of 18+. Story line Is Purely Fiction And For Entertainment Purposes . Contains Sexually Explicit Content! Please Make Sure This E-book Is Stored Somewhere That It Cannot Be Accessed By under aged 18 readers. THIS E-BOOK IS FOR SALE TO ADULTS 18+ ONLY!

Teaching Patience (Homespun Book 3)

by Katie Crabapple

Patience is a schoolteacher on the Minnesota Prairie in 1893. She loves her job, but when she has to confront the single father of one of her students about his lack of interest in learning, she’s left feeling angry. When the two are stuck together in a freak snowstorm in the schoolhouse with Patience’s students, they each learn there’s a lot more to the other than meets the eye.

This is the third book in the Homespun series.

ZEN: Tranquil Tips, Quotes, and Short Meditations with Zen Buddhism (Zen Buddhism For Beginners, Zen Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Dalai Lama, Depression and Anxiety, Overcome Stress, Stress)

by John Baskin

**Find Inner Piece Through Zen Buddhism In 31 Days**


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This book will take a slightly different approach from the many other books written on Zen Buddhism. I wanted to create a book that is concise, practical, and entertainingly easy to digest. This led me to taking Buddhist wisdom and breaking it down into daily tips for each day of the month. So, although this book will touch lightly on the history of Zen Buddhism, it will focus primarily on daily and practical measures that can be taken to promote more inner peace and joy from moment-to-moment.


â?? “What is ZEN?”

â?? “How Buddhism Shapes a Life”

â?? “Opening the Mind’s Eye”

â?? “The Support System”

â?? “The Buddha Chronicles”

â?? “Humans can become Buddha”

â?? ” Understanding Zen Buddhism”

â?? “More on Zen Buddhism”


“Zen is not a practice to be defined, but a practice to experience”

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Tags: Zen For Beginners, Zen Buddhism For Beginners, Zen Buddhism, Meditation For Beginners, Short Meditations, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Books, Finding Inner Peace, Tibetan Buddhism, Stress Solutions

Meditation: Yoga Used To Improve Love, Body, Mind and Spiritual Growth (Meditation healing, Present moment, Improve self, Mindfulness exercises, Improve confidence, Meditation for beginners)

by Hun Zen Dock

Experience the Life-Force Energies of the Earth – Start Practicing Yoga and Zen Meditation Today!

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Do you want to tap into energies beyond your senses? Would you like to lose weight and gain peace-of-mind? Are you interested in the physical and mental health benefits that Yoga and Meditation practices can bring?

If so, then Meditation: Yoga, Buddhism, Self Help Meditation, and Self Love is the book for you!

Our body is a collection of collaborating energy units: organs, tissues, etc. This energy vibrates at levels that our five senses can perceive: we can see colors and distance, pick up air vibrations as sound, touch objects and notice its many properties, feel heat, and so on. You’ll learn about the Life Force energy that unites the workings of these many parts – which vibrates at higher frequencies than our senses can understand.

Are you curious about Zen and Yoga poses? Would you like to know their purpose, and the religious significance of these practices?

The postures and body movements of Zen and Yoga are not some kind of a religious ritual, but are simply meant to calm down the outward-focused energies of our body – so we can sense higher-order energies.

Meditation is available for Download Now.

This interesting book teaches you to get in contact with the higher frequencies of the persistent Life Force within us. This energy is pure love, harmony, and beauty – and presents itself in the magnificent complexity of life on Earth.

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Start a journey of wisdom, peace, and tranquility – Learn how to access the Life Force TODAY – Through Meditation and Zen!

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How to Open Your Third Eye: Activating and Decalcifying the Pineal Gland to Awaken the Power Inside you (Spirituality Books, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Spiritual Heaing)

by Nico

How to Open Your Third Eye: Activating and Decalcifying the Pineal Gland to Awaken the Power Inside you

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“What is my next step? Where am I going? Is this the road I want my life to take?”

If this is you lost in confusion, due to the manipulation of your visual and emotional surroundings, I have great news for you. You have stumbled upon a guide in activating a mental sense you never thought was available to you. There is a thoughtless place you can go to in full relaxation opening your mind to possibility, visual awareness and such an emotional height of abundance in every aspect of your life.

This short informational book will open your senses to manipulating and recognizing your dreams and reality. The idea behind thought and emotion coming together is known as activating the “Third Eye”, a sixth sense every individual has access to.

This short informational book covers the surface on activating a powerful sense we possess within ourselves. The idea of thought and emotion manipulating our reality can be outrageous to any human mind, but this guide helps in opening and twisting that piece of uncertainty and understanding. The “Third Eye” only reveals itself when all your senses are in-tune with one another. In summary, the thoughtless place you go to in full relaxation opens your mind to possibility, visual awareness and such an emotional height of abundance in every aspect of your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Third Eye
  • The Functions of the Third Eye
  • How to Open Your Third Eye
  • The Benefits of opening the third eye
  • Supplements that help the pineal gland to function properly
  • Primary causes of calcification
  • Steps to Activating Your Third Eye
  • Pros and Cons of Opening the Third Eye
  • Signs and Symptoms of Developing the Third Eye
  • Much, much more!

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Tags: pineal gland, third eye awakening, third eye open, third eye chakra, third eye meditation, pineal gland activation, methods to develop your higher self

Law of Attraction: Love & Relationships (The Secret to Applying the Law of Attraction in all Relationships)

by Greg Adenauer


Love & Relationships: The SECRET to Applying the Law of Attraction in all Relationships

Have you ever wondered how to apply the law of attraction to all of your relationships, but you don’t really know how?

Read this eBook, you will learn about the missing secrets of the law of attraction which when applied to love and relationships, can allow you to attract the perfect relationships, whether that be your perfect partner, or any type of relationship.

This to-the-point law of attraction e-book will help you apply the secrets of the law of attraction so that you will finally be able to feel that you can powerfully attract the right relationship for you. It will also help you to stop doing certain things that almost everyone does, which is why most people cannot get the law of attraction to work for them.

So, if you already gave up on the law of attraction, perhaps this e-book on “The Secret to Love & Relationships” will help to restore your faith and belief in it because you were never given all of the secrets before. The secrets in this e-book were left out of the movie “The Secret,” and even very popular law of attraction books.

Many of us have had the experience where we keep on attracting the same kind of a person into our lives, and not in a good way! It happens because of the powerful law of attraction, but you don’t have to keep on repeating the same mistake. What you need to do is to find a way to bless the past relationships, and to get yourself into a better feeling place regarding past loves, otherwise, you will keep on attracting the same type of a person. This is another topic that is discussed in this e-book.

The secrets revealed in this e-book are focused on love and relationships, and will help you to attract new positive people into your life, and also provide a pathway for you to follow which will enrich and enliven you in many different ways relative to relationships.

It’s really quite ironic that so many teachers and books on the subject of the law of attraction continually hide the truth!

This eBook reveals all!

In here, you will discover how to completely empower yourself and influence others.

You will learn:

  • The most important question to ask yourself in order to attract love
  • The one thing that you must immediately stop doing now
  • The two types of love: hint, one is absolute bondage, and one is absolute freedom
  • How to quickly and easily get over past relationships
  • How to attract the perfect partner
  • The most important relationship secret of all!
  • and more…

Read this ebook to improve all of your relationships!

This eBook will help you to attract better relationships, and even help you to improve the ones that you already have, including how to influence the “difficult people” in your life. It will cover the reasons why your past failed relationships are actually a blessing in disguise, and how all of the contrast that you have lived in your life has served a powerful purpose.

Relationships with others truly is one of the most important aspects of being human, and so it is from this perspective that this eBook has been written.

You deserve to have a wonderful life.

You deserve to have loving, happy, uplifting relationships with everyone.

But, there is one big secret at the end of this book which will help you to drastically improve any relationship, and for you to be able to influence others to the point where you feel like you are in control of everything that manifests into your life.

One of the tenets of the law of attraction is that you do have the control and the power to create and manifest whatever you want, including love and your relationships.

This e-book will tell you the secret of how to do it.

Witchcraft : Witcraft And Paganism, A Beginner’s Guide To Witchcraft, Paganism, Spells And Rituals ! – Wicca For Beginners –

by Vivyan Munro

Discover Witchcraft and Paganism !

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As I dove into the history of Paganism and discovered that it is the most ancient religion, in fact, some argue the first religion; I couldn’t help but move forward in my findings. In this book, I will share the basic concepts of Paganism and some of the interesting facts about this religion so that you may make up your own mind about this intricate belief system.

DOWNLOAD: Witchcraft and Paganism

This book will explain:

    â?? What Paganism is
    â?? The history of Paganism and the growth of Neopaganism
    â?? The importance of the earth and the language of Pagans
    â?? How Pagans utilize crystals, gems, stones, and metals during their rituals
    â?? And how to cleanse your tools and other objects before you begin practicing
    â?? And much, much more..

I found out and people who practice Paganism are empathetic, caring individuals who have a keen respect for the earth.

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