Free religious fiction Kindle books for 27 May 15

The Gate of Mercy

by Michael Habashy

The ashes were covering it, the ashes of those who came calling for mercy. Different beliefs but they all came for the same demand. Maybe they had the mercy that they asked for, maybe not. No one knows except for these ashes. It is “the gate of mercy”, the main gate to the sacramental city Jerusalem. The gate stands titan with the pride of the Divine and it’s walls are the arms of the Divine holding the human race beliefs together. The young boy Sam works in the gift shop at the corner of the old market nearby the gate. The boy is the foster son of the oldster Jewish Cohen in the city Melech. The tiny gift shop is the place where the boy will meet Immanuel who came for pilgrimage to visit ” the basilica of sepulcher”, Mustafa who came to visit “Al-Aqsa” mosque, and Thomas their driver. The battle of beliefs is about to start and soon you will know how it will end.

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