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Taste for Trouble: Blake Brothers #1 (The Blake Brothers Trilogy)

by Susan Sey

Another smart, sexy contemporary romance from award-winning author Susan Sey…

On the field, soccer star James Blake is pure poetry. Off the field? He’s pure trouble. When his fondness for fast women and bar brawls lands him a suspension from the game, he’s prepared to take his punishment like a man. But since when does a suspension come with a live-in nanny?

TV baking maven Belinda West is the epitome of home-made hospitality, on-screen and off. The personal is the professional when you’re selling the good life, after all. But when her wedding day implodes in front of a live studio audience, Bel’s career goes into a death spiral. She’ll do anything to save it, even take charge of soccer’s most famous bad boy.

To hell with the morals clause in his contract; James isn’t about to shape up for some knock-off Mary Poppins. But since when does Mary Poppins laugh like a naughty angel and smell like sugar cookies? He’s not looking for love but that kiss of hers is practically perfect in every way. And James has a powerful taste for trouble.

Jack and Djinn: The Houri Legends

by Jasinda Wilder

Miriam’s life is a hot mess. Ben won’t let her go and she knows she can’t take anymore. She simply will not and cannot withstand another insult, another drunken rage, another blow. But she has nowhere to go, no one to help her.

One night, Ben’s alcohol-fueled abuse explodes hotter than it ever has before, and Miriam isn’t sure she’ll survive it this time.

Then Miriam meets Jack. Sweet, handsome, brave, and totally unafraid of the strange and often scary things that have begun happening whenever Miriam’s emotions run high.

As things between Miriam and Jack heat up, so does Ben’s jealous rage, as well as the mysterious fire that seems to burn hotter and hotter inside Miriam. She quickly discovers two things: one, that she has a lot more power and strength hidden within herself than she’d ever imagined, and two, that Jack’s gentle, unwavering love can heal a lifetime of wounds and scars.

Will they survive to explore all that could be between them?

The Will

by Benjamin Laskin

Putting the will in willpower.

For Taylor McCain, his only son was his only failure. In an attempt to accomplish after death what he was unable to do in life, the self-made success story leaves his son, Josh, “a bucket list from hell” that targets Josh’s mind, body, and soul. Josh has two years to fulfill every item in the testament of “tough love,” or he won’t see a red cent.

Stripped of all his advantages–allowance, swanky apartment, flashy sports car, credit cards, and everything else that made life a breeze–overnight, slacker extraordinaire Josh goes from a penthouse on easy street to a pit on hard-knock alley. He is left no option but to set out on an odyssey of self-discipline and renewal that takes him to people, places, and challenges he never dreamed he’d have to encounter. And, if he doesn’t blow it, true love.

Upbeat, humorous, and inspiring, The Will is an enthralling story of self-discovery and renewal.

SCARRED – Part 1 (The SCARRED Series – Book 1)

by Kylie Walker


That pretty much sums up Kelly Ward’s life in a nutshell.

Surviving a childhood filled with horrific abuse and then at the hand of the one man

that saved her… her first love that she trusted only to discover he was really a monster. Jesse Donovan will try and kill her again once he gets out of prison.

On the run… New city…New identity is the new Chloe Green. Not the broken, scarred and frail Kelly Ward.

Trying to build a new life towards her life-long goal of becoming a teacher, she accepts a job at one of the most prestigious gentlemen clubs in Rhode Island as a pole dancer. Her goal – save as much money as she can…No Men…No Distractions.

That is until she meets Derek Stark. Self-made Millionaire, dark haired, blue-eyed and a body of a gladiator. He wants Chloe…but does he have an ulterior motive? Is he connected to her old life somehow – Kelly Wards life? She soon discovers that Derek does have secrets of his own, secrets that will change her life forever…right before Jesse is released from prison and is ready to start hunting her.

NOTE: This is intended for 18+ due to abuse and sexual content. Book 1 DOES contain a CLIFFHANGER!

ROMANCE: BWWM 4 Book Collection Box Set Bundle #1 (BWWM Romance, BWWM Interracial Romance, BWWM)

by Samantha Wellshauna


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Andrea Warren pushed her hand through her thick, dark hair and sighed. The project was not going how she wanted it to go. Her partners were well-intentioned, but they really had no idea what the neighborhood they were working with needed. Everybody she was working with was white, and gave little to no thought to the needs of the black kids or understood what their lives were like.

Of course she tried to voice her thoughts, but mostly the project was out of her hands. Sometimes the white people would be surprised by her input, and, equally uncomfortably, sometimes everyone would turn to her because she was the only black woman there and assume she knew exactly what they wanted to hear.

“Colored people like rap music, right? Should we play that in the lobby?” or, her personal favorite, “Maybe we shouldn’t have a playground – don’t those get snatched up right away in turf wars?”Andrea let her pencil drop, frustrated, and listened to Mary Leopold speak again in her nasally voice about the importance of aesthetic design.


Lana Harris prepared for another day at the veterinary office. She looked in the full length mirror in her bedroom and studied her hair. She wasn’t sure whether she felt like straightening it or if she wanted to feel like a proud black woman and go with the curls that day. She decided to dress first and decide which one suited her the best after she knew what outfit to wear.

Once she had her crisp white shirt on, she decided that the curls would be her better option. She grinned at her reflection, proud of her muscular and well-toned body and straight white teeth. This was going to be a good day, she told herself. No matter what happened, good things were going to be happening.


Tonya noticed the crowd in front of her, a feeling of worry coursing through her was another night, another gig at the local jazz club, and right now, she was more worried about one of the men in the was someone that she wanted to meet,

someone that she had been waiting for and craving to see again. It was the man that she wanted to talk to, the man who would inevitably come up to her that night after the show.

She had been wanting him for a very long time. Tonya wondered if he would be interested in her. It’s not every day that an established white man would come into a jazz club and look at her and only her.


Shauna looked around, noticing that she was at the right place. It was a modeling agency, and it was the place for what seemed to be the casting call.

She knew that it was going to be a pretty competitive experience, especially since she knew how many people already came out for it.

Shauna was scared, but at the same time, she was prepared for what was to come.

If she got this job, she would be able to finally live the life that she wanted, and the life that she deserved.

To say that this was going to be trying was an understatement.

She was competing to be in one of the biggest commercials out there, and it would be one that would rake in a ton of money, not only for her but for the company that she worked for as well. They were looking for

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Tags:BWWM Romance, BWWM Interracial Romance, BWWM,BWWM,

WARNING DISCLAIMER : Adults 18+ Only . All Characters depicted are of the age of 18+. Story line Is Purely Fiction And For Entertainment Purposes . Contains Sexually Explicit Content!

Beware of Bad Boy

by April Brookshire


Before I met Gianna, I’d thought I was living life to the fullest, wild and carefree. Now that I had her in my life I understood what it really meant to feel alive.


Until I met Caleb, I wasn’t sure beauty existed on my inside. With him in my life, I not only saw that beauty to my core, but also in my world around me.

Gianna has everything going for her, beauty, popularity and the jock boyfriend to match. Too bad it all makes her miserable. Living her life based on other peoples’ expectations isn’t making her happy. She has only one escape and she guards that secret life fiercely.

Caleb has everything he wants, the freedom to do as he likes and plenty of opportunities to do it. With a revolving door of girls in and out of his life, he has no interest in getting tied down. Kicked out of another school, his mom sends him to live with his dad.

Gianna hates her new stepbrother on sight.

Caleb thinks she’s a hollow beauty.

Then he finds out her secret and uses it to get to know the real her.

Changing who he is forever.

Coming in Hot (SEAL EXtreme Team Book 1)

by Kimberley Troutte

COMING IN HOT (SEAL EXtreme Team, Book 1) was in the SEALs of Summer boxed set.

Take control…

When militant Colombian guerrillas kidnap her clients, EXtreme Adventures travel agent Jenna Collins will do anything to rescue them…including hiring the Navy SEAL she’s struggled to forget. Mack may take orders from her father, but Jenna’s determined to convince the sexy SEAL to work with her. And to stick around this time.

Protect the girl…

Navy SEAL Mack Riley will take a jungle rescue in hostile territory over close contact with the admiral’s daughter who loved him and left him. But when Jenna forces her way onto the rescue team, the admiral’s orders to protect Jenna at all costs has Mack sticking to her as close as body armor. In the heat of battle, love has a way of breaching the strongest of defenses…

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