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Run: What To Know About Running Before You Begin: (A Complete Beginners Guide: Learn How To Start Running)

by G.R. Brown

Learn How To Start Running

What To Know About Running Before You Begin: A Complete Beginners Guide

You’re Only 7 Weeks Away From Your First 5K!

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This book will help you understand some basic but important information about running that will be of great help even as you begin to run. One thing I would want to caution you is that running is just not about placing one foot forward followed by the other then increasing your pace. Running is more than just that.

Here is a small preview of what you’ll discover inside…

  • The Importance Of Having The Right Gear To Run
  • Best Stretches To Do Before And After Running
  • Proper Running Technique: Your Posture And Breath
  • How To Run Effectively And Efficiently
  • Strengthening Exercises After Run
  • Essential Nutritional Tips
  • Motivation Techniques To Keep Running
  • Training Plan To Take You To Your First Race
  • A Free Bonus!

Camping Basic Essentials

by Al Thomas

Those who love the great outdoors find camping a great way to actually enjoy the beauty of nature in all its glory. Now the best way to do so is to make sure you have all the essential items checked on your camping checklist.

Chapter 1: Planning Your Family Camping Vacation

Chapter 2: Your Camping Checklist Essentials

Chapter 3: How To Pick The Ideal Camping Sites

Chapter 4: Luxury Camping

Chapter 5: The Top Five Camping World Locations

Chapter 6: Camping Gadgets

Chapter 7: Camping Equipment You Can Rely On

Chapter 8: Five Simple Camping Recipes

Chapter 9: Top Camp Games

Chapter 10: How To Find The Most Dog Friendly Camping Sites

A N N U N K A I: NATURE OF SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY (volume 2) (nature of science and technology Book 1)

by satyendra sonkar

The annunaki is a simple humans in a ancient times. But something 5000bc happened .some humans genome changes. Some people’s gain a supernatural power .they developed a feathers and magical power. The Anunnaki refers as Anunaki, Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki and other variations) are a group of deities in ancientMesopotamian cultures 1. Sumerian2.akkadian3. Assyrian, 4 Babylonian) . The relation of the group of god known as the lgigi.lgigi are the six generation of the gods .work for the annunaki rebelling after fourty days replaced the creation of humans.writing that lgigu or lgigi is a term introduced in the old Babylonian periods as a name for the ten great god.assyrian and Babylonian used to refer to the god of haven collectively .

Annunaki (anuna) was later used to refer to the god of the the epic of creation it is said that there are 300 lgigu of haven. Appears in the bablonia creation myth.Marduk after the creation of mankind.marduk divided the annunaki and assigns them to proper station 300 hundreds in haven.300hundred on the earth. Annunaki the great god.annunaki children of anu and ki

2*Ancient Aliens…

The term annunaki means those who from the haven came.means princely seed and princely blood.king of god. Annunaki are aliens. Or not Ancient Aliens is an American television series that starated on April 20, 2010 on the History channel.

. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact.

The show has been criticized for presenting pseudoscience andpseudohistory.

The series’ de facto pilot was a Season 7 began on H2 in October 2014. On April 10, 2015, new episodes began premiering on the History channel.

The program had 1.676 million viewers in late October 2010. 2.034 million viewers in mid-December (for the “Unexplained Structures” episode). and in late January 2011 it had 1.309 million viewers.

Some reviewers have characterized the show as “far-fetched”. “hugely speculative.and ….expound[ing] wildly on theories suggesting that astronauts wandered the Earth freely in ancient times.. Many of the ideas presented in the show are not accepted by the scientific community, and have been criticized as pseudoscience andpseudohistory.

History professor Ronald H. Fritze observed that pseudoscience as offered by von Däniken and the Ancient Aliens program has a periodic popularity in the US: “In a pop culture with a short memory and a voracious appetite, aliens and pyramids and lost civilizations are recycled like fashions. contributor Brad Lockwood criticized Ancient Aliens as an example of the History Channel’s addition of “programs devoted to monsters, aliens and conspiracies”, commenting that, “Ancient Aliens defies all ability to suspend disbelief for the sake of entertainment. staff writer Alex Knapp also criticized the series and citedarchaeologist Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews’ rebuke of the History Channel for “treating (Ancient Aliens) nonsense as though it were fact.

The aim is placed squarely on Ancient Aliens specifically and described the animation as a perfect satire of all the ridiculousness of this series including the black and white art with aliens photoshopped in and interviews with people of dubious authority.

Powerbuilding: The pursuit of strength and muscle

by Nathan Knox

This book takes the reader through my early fitness career and the paths I chose in order to gain muscle and strength. I explain the concepts that are needed to build a great body and examples of how to make these sustainable. Once you know what you are doing building a great body is almost guaranteed, all you need to add is a little sweat.

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