Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 28 May 15

Mia: I Am My Mothers Daughter (Coke Dreams Book 6)

by Arabia

Mia has it allâ?¦money, great friends and Quan. And, when it comes to Quan there’s no limit to what she will do to prove her love. But, sometimes love comes with a price and how much are you willing to pay when the cost keeps rising. With things going so bad, so fast there’s only one way for her to make them right. But, in the midst of trying to make a bad situation better, she just makes a bad situation worse. Her world is crumbling around her and after burning all her bridges, who will she turn too before it’s too late? Join Mia and the rest of the Coke Dreams family as they once again fight and battle their way through life, death and love.

A Season to Zentangle

by Jeanne Paglio

Zentangle art is the hottest trend in today’s drawing market. With a pen, pencil, and paper, you can create inspiring designs to fit your lifestyle. This interactive workbook allows you to tangle your own designs in spaces provided. There is no wrong way to tangle, and there are no mistakes, only opportunities. A Zentangle can be created anywhere, anytime, and no experience is required. It’s a portable art form.

Benefits of tangling include better focus, increased self-esteem, and is a great stress reliever. Fun for young, old, and those in between, Zentangle improves productivity, while creating a relaxing mood. Tangles are great for home decor, apparel embellishment, jewelry designs, journals, on cards and more. The possibilities are endless.

Island Queens: For Girls Who Thought They Weren’t Good Enough

by Jewel Moncur-Moss

The Stories of Old – (Our Foremothers Speak); For Girls Who Thought They Weren’t Good Enough; The Sisterhood – How We Got Over

Music – The Nectar of Life

by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

The book provides truly rare knowledge of the emergence of natural musical notes (swaras) from the eternal impulse of Nāda and consequent emanation of the Shastric (Indian Classical) Music. This Indian classical music was developed and propagated by the Vedic sages. They had recognized the linkage of music with the emotions and intrinsic nature of the living beings and thereby evolved the methods of its enchanting practices. They had also discovered special rāgas for the chanting of Vedic Mantras and the spiritual sādhanās of music. The books tells us how we could endeavor reviving this glorious tradition today when the liking of people is mostly entrapped in artificial and fast-beat music and when commercialization and perversion of this universal mode of entertainment is at its peak?

Animal World Coloring: Animal Template Designs Coloring Book (Animal Coloring books for adults and animal coloring books for kids 1)

by Sam Green

Nature lovers and coloring book fans of all ages will enjoy Animal World coloring such adorable creatures as four little piglets and their mom, two white-tailed fawns, a pair of beagle pups resting under their father’s watchful eye, and three lion cubs tended to by their parents. Captions.

With this charming and instructive coloring book youngsters (and adults) can learn a great deal about the world’s wild creatures and have fun at the same time. Detailed, accurate, ready-to-color illustrations depict 47 species from around the globe, including the rhinoceros (black, white, and Indian), Grant’s zebra, impala, giraffe, camel (dromedary and Bactrian), European and American bison, llama and vicuña, giant panda, elephant (Indian and African), gnu (wildebeest), chimpanzee, hippopotamus and pygmy hippopotamus, gorilla, snow leopard, yak, Asiatic buffalo (water buffalo), jaguar, bighorn sheep, black bear, polar bear, black-backed jackal, reindeer (caribou), tiger, red kangaroo, giant anteater, and more.

Pain – The Play: A Comedy in the Key of Ouch

by Neil S. Reddy

You’ve felt the pain now taste the play. An unprovoked attack takes K into a room, welds the door shut and then shoves the key into his spine. A comedy…if watching a life fall apart makes you laugh.

Music and Myths

by Thomas Reid

Who really runs the music business, the music companies or everyday people? This paper discusses who really is in control.

The Passion of the Soul: Leonardo da Vinci and The Last Supper (The Art of God’s Messages Book 2)

by Elaine Wilson

In the late 1490’s Leonardo da Vinci painted “The Last Supper” on a refectory wall in Milan, Italy. Why did his mural become the premier example of the depiction of an event that occurred the evening before Jesus’ crucifixion? What sets his work apart? What was the unique approach he used to illustrate the twelve disciples and Jesus? Who is each person in the painting? How do their poses reflect their personalities? What symbolism did the artist include? And, did Leonardo include Mary Magdalene? All those questions are answered and more in “The Passion of the Soul” a book in the series “The Art of God’s Messages.”

Steamy Knight – Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Fairy Tale Fifty Romance Love Stories: Porn Movie Exposed – Shades of Sex (Good Knight Kiss Book 28)

by Michelangelo Free Lance

She is like a Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty character. She has had relationships in the past but their is no old flame burning for her. She shares information with the PI about the couple’s cheating ways and keys to their houses. She uses surveillance cameras to spy on the couples. Romance develops when Joanna is redecorating the club and she gossips about the couples: politicians, celebrities and business professionals.

Journey Of The Heart

by Zach

Poetry is much more than black words on white paper. Art is not a simple replication of the visual world. The creations within colorize the reader’s imagination through artfully expressed ideas. They take the reader on a journey. You’re invited to experience rhythmic and thoughtful manifestations that stem from one man’s triumphs and failures. Travel through a lush forest of anguish, serenity, anger, and love.

~ Zach ~

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