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iOS 8 Programming with Swift: A Step By Step Guide Book for Beginners. Create Your Own App in One Day!

by Kevin Lyn.

iOS 8 Programming with Swift

A Step By Step Guide Book for Beginners. Create Your Own App in One Day!

Recently, Apple Inc released iOS 8 into the market. This followed a release of the Swift programming language for the purpose of creating apps to run on devices supporting this version of iOS. This language has shown a number of improvements in terms of functionality compared to the Objective-C programming language.

iOS 8 has shown improved support for amazing features which were not supported in iOS 7. This explains the need for the creation of iOS 8 apps, and therefore the need to learn Swift.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Getting Started with Swift
  • Variables and Constants
  • Type Annotations
  • Using Objective-C Classes
  • Animations
  • Creating an Audio Player
  • and so onâ?¦

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The Humans are Dead: Essays on Software Test Automation

by Steve Fenton

When an organisation sets out on the long and treacherous journey of adopting software test automation, it seems inevitable that they are doomed to repeat the mistakes that countless others have already made. It is hard to avoid the problems that congregate around this situation when adopting such a major new way of working, because it is unlikely that you already have the appropriate skills to hand. This problem is made worse by the myriad myths and legends of automation.

The facts of software test automation must be carefully separated from all these myths in order for adoption to be successful. I hope that this collection of short essays will assist the people who are interested in undertaking this daring endeavour. If this is you, I wish you the best of luck and hope to arm you with some much needed perspective on this great subject.

The Complete Guide on HP LoadRunner Web Controller

by NaveenKumar Namachivayam

This complete guide on HP LoadRunner Web Controller helps performance testers who are new to the brand new performance center (PC) era. This eBook is designed to understand the web controller functionalities quickly and effectively.

The Five (5) Minute Ad Trick That Will Lower Your Ad Spend By Half

by Red Mikhail

FIVE MINUTES – that’s all it takes to lower your ad spend by half.

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