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The Baron’s Mistress Lends a Hand: Disciplining a Bold Little Girl (Naughty Erotic Victorian Menage Romance Tale of Scandals and Submission Fantasies)(First Time Lusty Discipline Smut Fantasy Story)

by Svetlana Scarlett

After having been sent away by her mean father to live with the enigmatic, handsome Baron Broodclaw… young, ill-tempered Lady Morgana Moress finds herself subjected to endless pleasures of a painful, lewd nature. But these delights come with a heavy cost. Not one the stubborn little lass is sure she can deliver — submitting to the Baron’s every command, every demand, if she wishes to experience even an ounce of satisfaction.

However, with her education coming to an end… Baron Broodclaw decides to bring in one more debauched instructor to round out his wench’s lessons. This comes in the form of a mature woman. A beautiful mistress with limitless sex appeal… and even harsher teachings. The pair of them, both Baron Broodclaw and the lusty lady, will treat the innocent little woman to yet another red-hot session of naughty learning — where she will find herself exposed to things one never thought possible… It will be her first time in many ways, and not any Lady Morgana will ever forget!

Violet’s Storm (Stormy Encounters Series Book 1)

by Tanya Benoit

“You’ll never have me; you’ll never control me, to hell with you Brady Kelly!”

Violet Ryan is daughter of wealthy shipwright CEO whose dream is to one day take over the family empire. While business is on the forefront of her ambition, she dreams of an existence where love and finance can live in harmony.

However, when Ryan’s Shipwrights merge with Kelly and Son’s, it seems like the perfect arrangement for everyone, until Sean Kelly is murdered in cold blood.

Brady, the new Lord of Kelly’s keep is beside himself with grief, rage and immense inner torment. Having only just recently lost his mother, he now has to deal with the tremendous loss of the father he had only just begun to know.

Seeking vengeance and retaliation, Brady does the only thing he can do; abducting the tantalizing and sensual daughter of his named killer, Robert Ryan.

No longer recognizing the monster who has taken her captive as the kind, considerate and attentive Brady Kelly who catered to her every need when she first arrived in Galway, she will have to learn to live with him. Although he’s transformed into a savage beast with a quick temper, uncontrolled emotions and unpredictable punishments, Violet vows to persevere.

Deadly attraction.

While living as Brady’s captive is challenging enough; the last thing she needs is her heart getting in the way. She will need to dig deep within herself in order to ride out the storm of emotion flooding her heart and remember that within the beast, lives a man.

To Await the Dream (Distant Land Book 3)

by Julianne Jones

Their dreams have come trueâ?¦ or have they?

Katie accepts Samuel’s proposal but when he is wrongly accused it looks as if all their dreams will dissolve. Will they have the strength to endure?

Rhiannon returns to England only to discover that she has left her heart in a distant land. Will she follow her head or her heart?

Kieran pursues his dream for further education but he has another dream that few know about. Will he too realise his dreams?

Book 3 in the Distant Land series.

Esther’s Song: A Novel

by B. G. Brainard

Esther’s Song presents a realistic fictional account of Esther; the Jewish queen immortalized in the Bible book bearing her name. This historical novel imagines how a Jewish orphan, adopted by her cousin Mordecai, successfully navigated the lethal corridors of a royal harem, withstood palace intrigue, and overcame religious persecution to marry Xerxes, King of the Persian Empire, and save her people from extermination at the vengeful hands of Haman the Agagite.

Linger and Die

by Neil Brooka

1839, Melbourne, Australia. A prison hulk appears in Port Phillip Bay leaving her captain and two escaped convicts in its wake. Meanwhile, a forger wanted by the law washes up on the beach with her dead son, a handful of counterfeit sovereigns, and a secret volatile enough to destabilize an entire continent.

Le Boudin: The Demons of Camerone

by Ian Colquhoun

A tale of courage, war, lust, defiance and honour, set against the backdrop of the most heroic last-stand action in military history. A Scotsman and his Irish friend, both of whom are on the run from Edinburgh, fleeing both justice and injustice, find themselves in Mexico as soldiers in France’s Foreign Legion, seeking redemption under arms. This is how history was made. A stirring, fast-paced, enthralling historical novel, with beautiful original artwork provided by May Yang, Martin Symmers, Chris Wainwright and John Colquhoun.”

Acropolis: Curse of Athena

by Philip Wooderson

Athens in the time of Socrates: a centre of calm debate or a den of deception and vice?

424 BC: the story starts in Corinth. Artabas, half-Persian, half-Greek, relies on his wits to survive. He serves as a spy for Sparta. 

Sparta and Corinth seem close to defea in their long war against Athens. A truce has been declared for the Olympian Games and Corinth is crowded with travellers.

When Artabas learns of a banquet arranged for important Athenians by powerful men in Corinth with links to Syracuse, he needs to find out why. Syracuse is a great power, supplying the Peloponnese with much of its wheat for bread. So far she has stayed neutral.

He uses his lover to eavesdrop.  But when the girl is found dead, his life takes a new direction, first in a quest for her killer, later in a bid to follow his own ambition, in the labyrinth that is Athens. 


His prime suspect, Alcibiades, spoilt nephew of the late Pericles; is a man desperate for glory in war no matter the cost to Athens.   


Alcibiades’ aunt Aspasia, schemer and seductress, is out to regain the influence she held when Pericles ruled. Her friend and lover, Euripides, writer of tragic plays, foresees disaster for Athens unless the war can be stopped.

Artabas, lured by all three, finds his loyalties tested, not least when courted by Critias, Alcibiades’ critical friend. Critias lives in a realm of ideas: ideas that were fostered in him by his old tutor Socrates, to replace unruly democracy with an enlightened republic. But is he an idle dreamer or a consummate plotter, the brains behind Alcibiades’ plan to mount an invasion of Sicily, in a bid to cut off the grain supplies that Sparta and Corinth depend on?


The story concludes in Acropolis: Wind of Hermes.

The Tirpitz Legacy

The Tirpitz, the largest battleship in the German navy, was sunk by British Bombers in a Norwegian Fjord in 1944. There was massive loss of life when the ship rolled over and sank. One of the survivors, Hans Gerber, had to watch as his brother was left to die in the upturned vessel. He heard him tap his name on the inside of the hull so knew that he was alive, but an SS Colonel wouldn’t allow him to rescue him.

The SS were well known for their evil and murdering ways, but what is not known is that they treated their fellow countrymen just as badly. Hans vows that he will eventually get even with the Colonel and avenge his brother’s death.

It turns out that the SS Colonel knew that there was a large amount of gold being stored on the Tirpitz and this is why he abandoned the rescue of the crew. He was after the gold and was totally focused on getting his hands on the treasure for his own selfish reasons. It was either the gold or the crew and he went after the latter. Every German did what the SS ordered them to do and didn’t ask questions so when Hans protested he was thrown in a prison cell.

Hans eventually gets his revenge even if it is eight years after the war ended. Once the Nazi party disintegrated, the SS were no longer invincible and their officers were the target of many people who were wronged during the War. This included members of the Norwegian Resistance Movement whose family members had been shot by the Gestapo. So Hans gets help from unexpected quarters.

The story is told through the eyes and life of Hans Gerber, who had risen through the ranks of the Kriegsmarine to become a Petty Officer on the Tirpitz. He was born in Wilhelmshaven in 1912, just before the outbreak of the First World War. His father, a gunner in the Imperial German Navy, was killed four years later at the Battle of Jutland leaving him to be brought up by his mother and grandfather in the nightmare of post-war Germany. Hans joins the Kriegsmarine when he is 16 as a cadet; he serves on various warships until he is posted to serve as a Senior Petty Officer on the Tirpitz. Totally disheartened by the loss of his ship and the treatment of his brother he changes sides and fights for the Norwegian Resistance until the end of the war. On returning home he joins a salvage company repairing the war damage in the major German ports, but he never stops plotting as to how he can avenge his brother’s death and get rid of the Colonel.

Interview with the Author

Q – Why have you written this story about the Tirpitz?

A – The largest naval vessel of the Kriegsmarine is purely the focal point around which this novel is based. Hans Gerber, a Petty Officer on the ship, sees his brother abandoned and left to die through the actions taken by an SS Colonel. The Colonel even has Hans arrested for trying to rescue his brother. What a terrible death to be left to drown inside an upturned battleship. Hans promises his brother that he will avenge his death if it is the last thing that he does.

Q – Who is the main character in the novel?

A – The story follows Hans Gerber’s life from his birth in Wilhelmshaven, Germany in 1912, until he returns to Norway to avenge his brother’s death. He joins the Navy at the age of sixteen serving in peacetime and in war until 1944 when the Tirpitz is sunk. He is not the warring type and struggles to understand the politics of Hitler.


Q – What is the main theme of the book?

A – No matter who you are, you will eventually have to pay for evil deeds carried out against your fellow man. The SS Colonel was responsible for many war crimes during the Second World War while a member of the German force occupying Norway. He escapes prosecution for his crimes at the end of the war; however, Hans and the Norwegian Resistance Movement are after him. Six years later he makes a mistake and they get him.

Q – Why should people buy your book?

A – It is an emotional tale as you follow Hans who is intent on avenging

Far from the Candle’s Flame

by A J Amos

In June 1835, 9 year old Danny Logan
starts his first and last day in a Newcastle coal mine. After a deadly
explosion kills most of his family, he and his mother are forced to flee to
find a new life.  

From a boy in Newcastle, to a man in New
York, Danny endures highs and lows, passionate love and personal losses.

He cannot walk away when the freedom of
his adopted family is threatened by Civil War. He must fight for their rights,
whatever the cost.

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