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Matchbox Memories – An Alzheimer’s Comedy

by Ray Kingfisher

A gentle mystery story laced with warm and insightful humour.

Ian Greefe always had issues with his parents – the main one being that they aren’t.

Settled for many years at the other end of the country, out of the blue he gets a call to arms; he has to care for his mother, who now has Alzheimer’s, while his father is in hospital.

Over the course of a week ‘back home’, secrets gradually come out that make him reassess his views on family life, and come to terms with his own shortcomings as a son and father.

A warm, bittersweet comedy drama full of though-provoking contradictions, here are just some of the quotes from independent reviewers:

So much more than just a comedy – a wonderful, intimate blend of emotions wound up in a slice of ‘real’ life, delivered with mastery.

Bittersweet is the perfect description of this. I loved the humour and poignancy. There were so many brilliant lines that I stopped picking them out and just read.

I loved it, the dialogue was very realistic, the characters were easy to picture. This is definitely something I would select in a bookstore.

You’re great at really capturing a character with just a turn of phrase or one or two lines.

A cracker.

An exceptionally well delivered offering in a technical sense – uncliched, crisp, lively prose, top quality construction

A darned good read.

First class.

Absolutely loved it!

Definitely pulled me into the story. Something I would buy.

Professional and a pleasure to read.

A treat to read some genuinely amusing comedy

I really enjoyed this and laughed out loud several times. You demonstrate a compelling wit and kept me amused throughout. Perhaps humour is the best way of dealing with serious issues like Alzheimers but you underpin this with a genuine sense of concern.

(approx. 83,000 words).

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Minecraft guide: The top 52 Minecraft Mods: The Top 52 Minecraft Mods that every Minecrafter should Check Out! (Ultimate Minecraft Guide Book 6)

by Scott Williams

The top 52 Minecraft Mods

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I Just Want to Make You Laugh

by Anna Naax

I have written this book to make you laugh, to escape your reality and enter mine. My topics range from wine to my mother all the way to the ladies restroom. I hope you laugh at least once. So sit back enjoy my first book– unless you have some math homework you need to get done!

Ways To F#!k With Your Bully

by Camille Washington

A straightforward pocket sized guide to having the best comebacks to use on a bully. It has just a little bit of some humor in it.

My Mum’s Ginger Cat

by Stuart Raisey-Skeats

My mum likes cats, as a result we once had 17 living with us. This is the story of her cats, and in particular two ginger cats that have shared their lives with us.
Leo, a cat that tamed the local dogs and Arthur who is startled when the sun comes up.
If you like cats, this is the book for you

Would You Rather? The Server Edition

by Natasha Moore

This list of hilarious 101 Would You Rather questions is directed towards servers and bartenders alike. At the bottom of each page is a ‘server scavenger hunt’ that pairs with the ‘would you rather’ questions.

Bring a few laughs to a slow shift or two!

Sanderson County: RC Cola, Moon Pies, and the search for somthin’ bigger

by Wayne Porter

Don’t think that people in Sanderson County ain’t got no dreams. Billy Ray’s big plan is to get hisself a double wide trailer. His girlfriend April Jean wants a family. His wife May June wants to be a professional make up artist. Don’t go thinking nothing bad about Billy Ray seeing as how he has a wife and a girl friend, he and May June been split up for years now. They’re gonna get a proper divorce as soon as they can get up the money. And Billy Ray’s cousin Augusteena, she just wants to find Elvis.

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